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Depilatory waxing

Date and venue options
August 05 2013
August 30 2013
September 09 2013
September 27 2013
October 07 2013
October 25 2013
November 04 2013
November 29 2013
December 02 2013
December 13 2013

Two days (3 weeks between day one and day two)

£230.00 (inc. VAT). Includes  £25.00 voucher issue during day one which can be used towards the purchase of your waxing kit. Special discounts available on the day which will enable students to practice and develop skills at home.

Ellisons Academy certificate in ‘depilatory warm waxing treatments’

Equipment required:
For practice at home a wax kit is required, this is purchased during day one using your voucher at the Retail Store

Professional salon uniform

Day one 9.30am - 4.30pm
Day two 9.30am - 3.00pm

Completion of the home study pack prior to attending the course, plus an interest in offering professional waxing treatments

One day is not enough! Our two day waxing course provides you with the instruction and guidance required to gain a level of competence that is acceptable and safe for offering treatments on paying clients. At the Ellisons Academy we ensure you are fully prepared to perform treatments as part of your business. Would you be happy receiving a waxing treatment from a therapist who had been trained for only one day.

Step one
Preparation, home study

The waxing home study pack is sent to you after you have paid for your course, it prepares you for your first day. Students are required to study the content covering skin and hair anatomy, health an safety, cross infection and treatment preparation prior to attending day one at the Academy.

Step two
Day one, attending the Ellisons Academy

A review of your home study pack starts the day to ensure you have fully understood content. This is followed by theory of waxing and related hygiene. Practical application of warm waxing to the legs, bikini line, under arm and facial area is the main focus of the day. Students perform treatments on each other after treatment demonstrations.

Step three
Students are requested to carry out a number of treatments at home to enable them to participate during day too.

Step four
Day two, attending the Ellisons Academy

Students return to the Academy to demonstrate improvement of techniques and skills along with a safe and professional approach. You are requested to bring your own model where possible. Further waxing techniques to the full leg and forearms are covered plus adapting techniques for male waxing to the chest and back. Business advice, marketing, promotions and pricing your treatments are included plus guidance regarding further training for intimate waxing treatments. Demonstration of alternative waxing application method using individual disposable applicators with the PhD Safewax system completes the day. Certificates are issued at the end of the second day.