Professional and salon couch roll

Couch roll is an economical and easy way to ensure your salon couches and chairs are protected from product and spillages during a variety of professional treatments. The Ellisons Beauty Essentials range offer a variety of professional couch roll in different sizes to suit the area you wish to cover. From our fantastic value couch roll to a more durable, deluxe option, Ellisons are able to offer you the perfect protection for the treatment surfaces within your salon. Alongside salon couch roll, Ellisons also offer a variety of couch covers from luxury brand BC Softwear. With a variety of colours and fabrics on offer, these high quality couch covers fully clothe the treatment couch, providing comfort for your client, as well as protecting your couch from product spillages and damage. Disposable couch drapes and plastic couch cover options are also available from Ellisons, enabling you to choose the best couch protection option for your surfaces. Not only do the Ellisons couch roll and couch covers protect salon surfaces but they also promote hygiene within your salon or spa, ensuring your client receives a professional, high quality service that will make sure they continue to return to your salon. Shop the full selection of couch protection products and receive free next day delivery when placing your order before 8pm*.