Hair salon foils

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Hair foils are an essential product for all professional hair colourists and stylists and will allow you to provide clients with a wide variety of hair finishes, from highlights and lowlights to a full head of colour. Here at Ellisons, we offer a selection of professional hair salon foil from established brands, with Procare and Streaker foil available. With highlighting foil available in a variety of sizes, our selection of hair foils will ensure you are able to create beautiful coloured hairstyles for every hair length and type, allowing you to offer your services to all clients. The selection of hair foils on offer at Ellisons are all strong and of a high-quality, whilst also offering flexibility to ensure easy folding and to enable you to perform the most precise and intricate hair colour and highlighting treatments. Hair colour will always be a popular trend within the professional world of hair. Use the variety of hair foils offered at Ellisons to create a selection of in-demand hair finishes, such as the popular Balayage trend, a look loved by stylists, clients and celebrities alike.