Salon trolley buying guide

There are a host of salon trolleys on the market, as well as hairdressing trolleys, and when it comes to your own salon it is important you make the right decision. Investing can instantly update the smooth-running and efficiency of your salon services. A salon trolley enables you to store all of your treatment essentials with ease, as well as providing you with convenient access. You are guaranteed to find a trolley to suit your needs here at Ellisons. These handy, spacious units add a stylish twist to what is essentially storage on wheels. They are designed to contain all the required salon equipment within several trays that can be easily slid in and out. Before settling on your trolley there are a few considerations you need to make to ensure you choose the one that is perfect for you and your salon.

Mobility and size

Think about the products you will want to transport around your salon? Whether you are a mobile therapist or are based in a salon this will impact the size and weight of the salon trolley that will be most useful to you. With easy glide castors, salon trolleys can be easily moved and will prove an essential supply for all busy hairdressers. Alongside hairdressing trolleys, we also offer a number of spa trolleys, with spacious storage compartments, ensuring therapists can store their supplies efficiently. Consider what you require your salon trolley for? Our extensive trolley supplies also include waxing trolleys and trolleys that are suitable for specific treatments such as hair colouring. Shop our varied supplies today and instantly update the professionalism of your treatments.

Style and services

With so many stylish and contemporary designs out there it can be difficult to decipher which one to settle with. Consider your aesthetic – what colour trolley will fit in best with the existing décor? It is usually best to stick with a neutral colour as this is a timeless choice and will always fit in with the times and latest trends as the years go by.


The number of drawers available usually ranges between 2 to 5. The drawers may be fully packed with nothing on show or a half open tray that displays your products. Depending on if you want your products to be visible depends on which style of drawer is best suited for you.


Price is a primary factor as depending on your budget this will have an effect on the variety of choice you have to pick from. Be sure not to over stretch yourself with products that are out of your price range. However at the same time it’s important to remember that each piece of equipment you purchase is an investment so choose the trolley that best meets your needs overall.

Quality and durability

Pay close attention to the quality and durability of the equipment you are purchasing. Remember, you will be using your salon trolleys daily. Primarily available in metal or plastic, depending on your needs, this will have an impact on which material you opt for. Think about how constant use may affect your trolley and ensure you opt for a trolley that is durable and long-lasting to withstand the test of time. Essentially you are investing into your salon and it’s essential you factor in all considerations. Always ensure you consult the product specifications for all the information you will require to make an informed decision.


Consider what tools you want to keep in your trolley. Do you need your tools to hand i.e. during a facial or waxing treatment? Will you not require all of your tools all of the time? I.e. for a hair treatment you may not require all of your tools for every appointment. In this case you need to consider whether a tiered trolley or a drawered trolley would be more suitable and convenient for your salon needs.


Be considerate in choosing a trolley for your salon and ensure you have factored in every key feature and you will be guaranteed to make the right decision for you and your business.

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