Salon treatment couch buying guide

A treatment couch is a big investment and there are a lot of factors you should consider before taking the plunge and making your purchase. Whether you’re salon based or a mobile therapist, you’re sure to find the perfect treatment couch to suit your needs at Ellisons. Whatever your treatment offering or budget, we have a wide selection of products to choose from. Read on to find out how you can make the right choice for your business.

What treatments do you offer?

From massage and body treatments to waxing and facial services, the versatile treatment couch is a staple for many spas and salons. When choosing your treatment couch, consider which services you offer. If you offer massage treatments, be sure to choose a couch complete with a face hole to maximise client comfort. A couch with adjustable height settings is also good for therapists who share a treatment couch as they can each adjust it to suit their needs. If you offer body wraps or services that can be quite messy, make sure you choose a couch fabric that is easy to wipe and clean so you’re able to offer a professional, hygienic service to all clients.

What is your budget?

More often than not, a luxury spa will have a bigger budget than a smaller salon or mobile therapist. Be sure to identify your budget before shopping for your treatment couch. We offer a variety of quality yet affordable treatment couches from brands such as Esthetix, Affinity and Salon Ambience. If you have a large budget, brands such as Living Earth Crafts, REM and Gharieni are the perfect choice, offering technologically advanced options that are sure to enhance any spa experience.

Where will you be performing your treatments?

If you are a mobile therapist or a professional working in a small salon space, it’s essential that you choose a treatment couch that can be easily disassembled. For smaller salons, this will mean that the treatment couch won’t take up valuable space during other services and for mobile therapists, it will ensure the couch can be transported easily. Mobile therapists should also choose a lightweight couch to ensure easy portability.

What is your salon décor like?

Practicality is, of course, a key factor to consider when purchasing a treatment couch however, it’s also important that your new piece of furniture complements your salon space. Many couches are available in a variety of different finishes and fabrics, allowing you to choose colours and styles to suit your décor.

Do you require bespoke options?

From sound systems to shelving and steps, many treatment couches come with additional options at an extra cost. Make sure you are aware of the bespoke options before you complete your purchase as there may be an additional extra that could enhance the ease and professionalism of your service.


Every purchase is different, depending on the therapist, the service they offer and their salon space. Main factors to consider are budget, practicality and style and remember, bespoke options could also make a huge difference to your treatments.

When you place your treatment couch order, you will be offered our Ready to Go salon assembled service. Ellisons quote on an item by item basis. A specialist carrier will de-box, unwrap and assemble your treatment couch, if necessary. They’ll also dispose of any packaging, ensuring a quick, stress-free experience.

In many cases, our Ready to Go service is more cost effective than receiving your goods by standard delivery service, reducing inconvenience and the risk of damage.

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