Beauty supplies and equipment buying guide

It’s important to ensure you choose the right supplies and equipment for your beauty salon, in order to bring it to life and satisfy your client’s needs. This buying guide will help you decide which beauty essentials are best for you and your business, when it comes to hair removal and tanning.

Hair removal wax

Disposable supplies are a must-have for any hair removal treatment. These range from gloves and underwear, to wipes and couch roll for your everyday disposable needs. Shop here for all our disposable essentials for your hair removal services. Having disposable items will ensure optimum hygiene in your salon. It will also allow your customers to have a range of items to wear or use before their treatment begins.

Hair removal waxes can range from wax beads, paraffin wax, strip wax, roller wax, tube wax and peelable wax. The waxing supplies you use during treatment will depend on the type of waxing services you offer – cold, hot, soft or hard, so make sure to decide on this beforehand. In all cases, it is essential to use a high-quality professional hair removal wax in your salon offering, to provide the most comfortable treatment for your client. Check out our quality professional waxes here, from a variety of leading brands.

Pre-treatment, it important to use antiseptic lotion or wipes to cleanse your client’s skin to avoid red bumps and ingrown hairs. Post treatment, cleansers, lotions and gels help to soothe and moisturise the skin, whilst minimising the risk of infection. Shop our range of waxing care supplies here.


Electrolysis is a popular alternative to waxing, which works to remove individual hairs from the body. Electrolysis machines and supplies range in price, depending on the area you are treating and the frequency. We supply a range of electrolysis equipment from leading brands like Probex and Sterex, which provide high quality results for your clients. Check them out here.


Our range of equipment is suited to both salon based and mobile technicians, with a variety of static booths and tents. The professional tanning equipment you can buy includes spray systems, extractors and extractor filters, so you can perform every spray tan to the best standard. Spray tanning kits are a great purchase, for beauticians starting out and mobile technicians to perform with ease and professionalism. Check out our wide range here.

Ensure to purchase tanning disposables, such as sole protectors, mitts and underwear depending on your treatment type. This will offer your client ultimate comfort and hygiene during their tanning experience.

Advertising the treatments and brands you offer is also an essential for you to purchase. We provide a range of stylish and informative posters and leaflets, as well as a selection of appointment, consultation and loyalty cards. Check them out here. We stock wide range of tanning retail supplies from brands such as St.Tropez and Sienna X. These are brands your customers will recognise and love.


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