St.Tropez professional supplies

Shop our comprehensive range of St.Tropez professional supplies today and discover a selection of mists, moisturisers and lotions to ensure you can provide every client with their desired glow. From St.Tropez’s classic bronzing mist to newer formulations such as the gorgeous luxe oil bronzing mist, our wholesale St.Tropez product range will enable you to help your client achieve their ultimate tan. Our professional St.Tropez mists are available in both 1L bottles, as well as 4L bottles to ensure you can purchase a suitable amount for your salon.

Also available within our professional St.Tropez supplies is the St.Tropez tan enhancing body moisturiser, an essential pre-tanning product that will prepare your client’s skin prior to their spray tanning treatment. This innovative moisturiser will help prolong your client’s tan, as well as provide an even fade and soft, hydrated skin.

Alongside our extensive range of St.Tropez professional supplies, the Ellisons Academy also offers a highly accredited St.Tropez spray tanning course. As the global leader in tanning, St.Tropez provides the ultimate tan and will enhance any salon treatment menu due to its popularity and established reputation. Visit our Academy webpage today for more information on the St.Tropez spray tanning course and add this luxury brand to your business.