Waxing care supplies

Ellisons offer a variety of waxing care products to ensure your client’s skin is protected pre and post hair removal. From a selection of high-quality pre waxing care gels and cleansers to a variety of soothing post waxing care lotions and creams, our comprehensive range of pre and post waxing care products will enable you to provide a professional, problem-free hair removal experience for every client. From a range of established brands, such as Delsera, Phd™ Safewax, GiGi and Wax Master, Ellisons provide a number of products that will ensure a smooth, soft hair removal finish. GiGi’s innovative No Bump is amongst a variety of popular products that are guaranteed to calm and soothe skin after hair removal. Available as a topical solution as well as a roll on, this revolutionary product can be used after any method of hair removal including shaving, waxing, tweezing and electrolysis.

As well as our extensive range of pre and post hair removal care products, we also provide a selection of hair removal courses at our highly accredited Ellisons Academy. With two courses on offer from the revolutionary waxing specialist Phd™ Safewax, as well as a Delsera course in female intimate waxing, you’re guaranteed to find a course to help enhance the hair removal treatment offering within your salon or business.