Belava pedicure tub, white

Belava pedicure tub, white BVS205
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  • Guaranteed hygeinic pedicure conditions
  • Can be stored under most sinks
  • Sanitary

Belava pedicure tub is guaranteed to provide the most sanitary and safe pedicure conditions for your customers. Recyclable liners and easily removable for the next client. Time saving and easy to use, this product allows for each recyclable liner and be ready for the next client in no time without arduous scrubbing and cleaning. The tubs are a perfect height and fit easily under most sinks, and the liners are textured for a more pleasurable pedicure experience. Convenience and ease of use is ensured with pre fitted disposable liners, that allow hygienic conditions in your salon to be met, as the spread of bacteria, fungus and other infectious diseases are prevented.

A high quality product that is a must have in every professional beauty salon.


  • Pedicure tub (blue)
  • Pre fitted disposable liners (20)

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Please see this product in blue and pink

Additional information

Additional information

Type Foot spas
Brand Belava
Colour White
Size No