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5 benefits of adding CND™Shellac™ to your salon treatment menu

As an industry professional, you’re likely to be familiar with CND™, the global leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty and the founder of the famed CND™Shellac™.

This innovative brand enables nail technicians to maximise their creativity, with their award-winning product ranges allowing you to provide every client with a unique, perfected nail look. Find out why their revolutionary treatment, Shellac™, is a worthwhile addition to your treatment menu and discover how you can incorporate it into your business with the help of the Ellisons Academy.

What is Shellac™?

Shellac™ has become one of CND™’s most prominent creations and is a staple brand within salons across the world. Shellac™, otherwise known as the original Power Polish™, combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels to create a chip-free, extended-wear nail colour. With a variety of vibrant shades available, alongside a fabulous selection of treatments, equipment and merchandising, Shellac™ is the perfect addition to any nail business and, due to it’s fantastic reputation and portfolio of colours, nail technicians are guaranteed to be able to provide every client a manicure they’ll love.

5 key benefits

In the words of CND™ themselves, here are the top five reasons why adding Shellac™ to your treatment menu will instantly benefit both client and therapist:

1) 14+ days of high-performance wear
2) Stunning crystal shine
3) Zero dry time
4) Amazing 5 minute removal
5) No nail damage

Do they offer an extensive product range?

Shellac™ offer over 100 unique shades and, with a number of different finishes available, there is something to suit every client and every occasion. The brand also release seasonal collections, meaning their fantastic range of shades is constantly expanding to ensure they are able to deliver the most on-trend colours.

What can I expect from the CND™Shellac™ training course?

CND Shellac training course
Before introducing Shellac™ into your business, it is very important that you complete the essential training to ensure you can provide the highest standard of service to your clients. The Ellisons Academy offers the accredited CND™Shellac™ course to enable you to learn the Shellac™ technique and discover the full product and equipment range. Here is what you can expect from the course:


Our fully qualified Ellisons educator will discuss the history and development of Shellac™, alongside the main benefits of the brand.

Product and equipment

The CND™Shellac course covers the science behind this treatment and you will also be introduced to the Shellac™ polish range and discover some of the brand’s most popular shades. Alongside their polishes, you will also be introduced to the CND™ LED lamp, as well as a variety of CND™ treatments and products that can be used alongside the Shellac™ service to enhance your client’s treatment experience and finished nail look.


It is essential that you carry out a client consultation before performing the Shellac™ treatment. The course will teach you how to offer a consultation and what contraindications to consider.


You will be shown how to perform the procedure required for the Shellac™ application in colour and French manicure and you will also be shown how to safely and efficiently remove the product.


After demonstration, you will be asked to perform a Shellac™ treatment yourself. You will also be asked to remove the Shellac™. You may be required to bring a model with you for the practical part of the course but the Ellisons educator will confirm this prior to your visit.

Business potential

The Ellisons educator will advise how Shellac™ can be incorporated into your business, discussing factors such as cost per treatment, profit, insurance and retailing.


There will be a chance to ask your experienced educator any further questions you may have at the end of your course. If you require further demonstration or would like to sample more of the products, our staff will be happy to help to ensure you leave The Academy confident and ready to perform the Shellac™ course to the highest standard.

How will CND™Shellac™ benefit my retail opportunity?

Although Shellac™ polishes are for professional use only, CND™ offer a variety of products that can be retailed within your salon and alongside your Shellac™ treatment. The Vinylux™ weekly polish range offers up to 7 days of chip resistant wear with gorgeous shine that lasts. Alongside brilliant durability, this range offers over 100 vibrant polish shades, many matching the Shellac™ colours to enable clients to recreate their fabulous nail look at home or on the go. Below, you can see how Shellac™ and Vinylux™ both offer rich colour and gorgeous shine.





In addition to Vinylux™, CND™ also offer their innovative Creative Play™ nail lacquer range, a selection of vivid shades that offer 10 different finishes, from metallic to holographic glitter. The brand also offers an array of treatment essentials including top coats, base coats, strengthening products and ridge fillers. You can also expect to find a range of tools, such as files and buffers, to ensure you can complete every Shellac™ service with ease and professionalism. Discover some of our favourite CND™ retail products below and ensure you take advantage of their varied range of supplies:



The award-winning SolarOil™ has been dubbed the ‘miracle manicure in a bottle’ and has become a cult favourite among nail professionals and clients over the past 30 years. This product can be used to promote healthy nail growth and prevent nails from becoming weakened and brittle.



The CND™ RidgeFX nail surface enhancer instantly evens out bumps and ridges on the nail, enabling beautifully smooth colour application, perfect for use with Vinylux™ and Creative Play™.


CMD RescueRxx

This innovative Keratin treatment is designed to repair weak or damaged nails, effectively treating cracking, peeling, splitting and white spots. The perfect strengthening product, RescueRXx™ will enable clients to take care of their nails between Shellac™ treatments. All of the above treatments are available in handy 3.7ml pinkies, a great addition to your retail offering.

CND™Shellac™ Offly Fast™ removal kit

Ideal for busy clients who are unable to commit to appointments, this comprehensive removal kit includes all of the essential products and tools needed to successfully and safely remove Shellac™ at home.

What costs should I consider before incorporating CND™Shellac™ into my business?

It is important to consider cost per service before introducing a new product or treatment to your business. See below to discover how many services you can perform with the following products:


CND™Shellac™ base coat - 35 services per 7.3ml bottle CND™Shellac™ colour - 20 services per 7.3ml bottle CND™Shellac™ top coat - 20 services per 7.3ml bottle


As Shellac™ is such an iconic treatment, it is likely that clients will trust and recognise the brand. Using an acknowledged brand may mean you are able to raise your treatment price. Your pricing also depends on where you are based. If you are city based, prices may be more competitive than those in smaller towns. These are all factors you can discuss with our qualified educators during the Shellac™ course.


Every business owner knows the importance of offers. Not only do they keep your existing clients happy but they also entice new clients, which is essential for any growing business. Take inspiration from the below offer ideas and instantly boost the revenue of your salon using Shellac™.
Packages: You can offer clients the opportunity to have a Shellac™ service on both their finger nails and toe nails for a discounted price. You could also offer holiday or special occasion packages during certain seasons where a hand and feet service is cheaper than usual, for example, the summer holiday season
Shellac™ parties: If you are a mobile nail technician, why not offer your services to a group of clients for special occasions such as hen do’s, girl’s nights-in or general get togethers. You will need to decide the minimum and maximum amount of guests who could attend and you could offer your services at a discounted package price to appeal to your clients. Group events are also a great opportunity for you to retail additional products to clients so ensure you bring along your array of retail products to show off.
Loyalty cards: Offering clients a discount after a certain number of treatments ensures they continue to return to your salon, increasing client loyalty and ensuring continued business.
Social media: Every nail technician should make the most of social media. It’s mostly free and a great way to advertise your offers. You can also hold competitions and giveaways via social media, an innovative way to increase interactivity and your client base. You could offer a percentage off new client’s first Shellac™ treatments and, in return, ask for a page like or follow. This will raise your social media stats and build clientele whilst providing new clients with a saving.

How can I make the most of my CND™Shellac™ equipment?

During the CND™Shellac™ course, trainees will be able to try out the CND™ LED lamp. The educator will also discuss the importance of regular maintenance and, if you are using a UV lamp, they will advise how often bulbs should be changed. You will also be advised how to keep your lamp clean to ensure the highest level of hygiene possible within your salon.

Do CND™Shellac™ offer marketing support?

CND™ offer a comprehensive range of marketing support, from attractive posters to informative leaflets. When introducing a new brand or service to your business, it is essential that you stock up on appropriate marketing materials to ensure you can successfully advertise your treatment to existing clients, as well as gain new custom. Here at Ellisons, we also stock a CND™Shellac™ marketing kit which includes a variety of marketing materials from window decals to brochures.

How can I add CND™Shellac to my treatment menu?

CND™ offer an extensive collection of products and their ever-growing collection of Shellac™ polishes will ensure you’re always able to offer your clients a gorgeous, on-trend nail look they’ll love. If you are interested in adding the CND™Shellac™ service to your business’ treatment menu, the Ellisons Academy CND™Shellac™ course is the perfect opportunity to gain essential product knowledge, as well as learn the skill of this much-loved service. For more information on the CND™Shellac™ course and for available course dates and venues, visit the Ellisons Academy webpage. You can also contact the Ellisons Academy directly on: 024 7636 9516 or email any queries to [email protected]

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