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5 questions to help to grow your business

Following our ‘how to reopen your salon article’, we’ve received many questions around salon and mobile business marketing. In this blog we’ll pose some questions which will help you focus on making your business even more successful. 

1. Are you missing opportunities for potential business?
2. Do you have a thirst for knowledge and acquiring new skills?
3. Are you making use of the tools available to keep up with emerging trends?
4. Have you signed up to new directories and updated your profiles?
5. Is your website and social media updated?

1. Are you missing opportunities for potential business?

Most businesses sell services to a distinct segment of their market, this is typically based around demographics, age, gender, location or psychographics - how the customer feels about the choice they are making.

After the abrupt halt to most activities, now as restrictions to normal life start to ease the questions of how to reopen and whether businesses can still operate selling to such a narrow target audience should be front of mind.

Will your business still sell to your previously regular customer? Behaviour has changed, and new habits are forming particularly around online shopping and search.

Tools such as Google Keyword Planner (GKP) and Google Trends (GT) will help you keep up to date for what people are searching for online and guide you towards any new skills you may need to acquire.

Finding different search terms may help you find new audiences that you could sell to. For example, ‘mobile hairdresser for seniors’ receives a high volume of monthly searches on Google. Could you introduce your service to a different age group?

This is still a time for reflection. Beauty and hairdressing trends are constantly evolving with changing fashion and product innovation. Ask yourself and those close to you who understand your business what is it that I do well and can build on? Then looking forward, what could I offer to clients in the future?  

2. Do you have a thirst for knowledge and acquiring new skills?  

Hairdressing for seniors

It's also worth reviewing and revisiting techniques that you may have not performed for some time. Could you or your team share new skills with each other? Before embarking on external training courses, are there gaps in your skill base which could be addressed with help from colleagues?

Looking beyond in-house training, taking time out to improve skills, enrolling on professional training courses can be a valuable investment in yourself and your career.

Consider a development plan for each member of your team. This could include practical skills or the development of wider business skills, such as marketing, customer service and team leadership.

In the current climate, it’s worth checking for hygiene related training courses. Being able to demonstrate best practice will reassure your clients as they return. You may find some courses are available for under £50, including The GTi Coronavirus (COVID – 19) Infection Prevention & Control course.

3. Are you making use of the tools available to keep up with emerging trends? 

Social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube are a great source for content ideas. Sign up to newsletters to receive styling tips and updates from other salons across the country.

Searching on Google, Instagram and other search channels is one of the easiest ways to keep an eye on what’s becoming hot. You can do this by typing a relevant keyword into your favourite platform and take inspiration from the results which will help you develop new looks and treatments for your clients.

4. Have you signed up to new directories and updated your profiles?


Many directories have forums which can be helpful for learning more about current trends. They may also help with generating new content ideas to engage customers.

Now is a good time to research new directories and update your profiles on existing ones. Have you signed up to the directories below? The following drive millions of website visitors each month so it’s worth signing your business up to them:

  • Tripadvisor
  • Gumtree
  • Yell
  • Treatwell
  • Free Index
  • Yelp
  • Directline
  • Netmums

Even if you’ve signed up to these directories, it’s worth checking your details are up to date. Contact information such as phone numbers and email contacts can change frequently and should not be overlooked. This is particularly important if you publish pricing details and offers on the directories mentioned.

Finally, check your Google My Business profile to see if that also needs updating. If you don't have a profile, then it’s worth setting one up to increase your exposure.

5. Is your website and social media updated?

When business resumes, your clients are likely to have heightened awareness of personal safety. Reassure them by communicating on your website and social media about practices you’re adopting to ensure safe practice.

Planning how to reopen your salon may present a challenge. If you have a physical workplace we have prepared some tips to help you with reopening your physical space.

It’s also worth giving a bit of TLC to your website. Many websites are still not designed for browsing on mobile devices. This makes it difficult for clients to search using mobile and limits your ranking on Google.

Just as you refresh your salon from time to time, keeping your website up to date and looking fresh plays a role in how your clients perceive you and your business.  

It’s important to keep communication with your clients alive. Keep sending emails and posting updates on what your staff are doing; even if they can't use your services for the time being they will still be keen to stay in touch with you. 

Need some more marketing tips? Read our tips on building your professional profile in the hair and beauty industry. For further updates on Covid-19 visit Government websites and associations. Now is a time for preparation and planning and there is plenty of support available.

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