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An insight into Muse of Milan

For the first time ever, OPI® has delved deep into the glorious culture of a city everybody knows and loves – Milan. Through admiration and inspiration, OPI have expertly captured Milan’s spirit and brought their experience of the city into the nail world. As a result, they have created a set of autumn-based nail colours which encapsulate these very three words: elegance, fashion, innovation.

Inspired by the vibrant culture of Milan

It’s no wonder that Milan is the city that has inspired OPI to launch their stunning Muse of Milan collection. On the list of fashion forward cities that inspire people the most, Milan is right up there with the very best. The culture is rich in history and the city is vibrant with music, markets and coffee bars. When you think of Milan’s culinary scene, fresh doughy pasta and stone baked pizza first comes to mind. And the fashion? Milan’s fashion week alone is substantial enough to stir great passion in anybody including your clients, the same way it did to OPI.

12 fashion forward autumn coloursMuse of Milan collection     

When creating their collection, OPI made sure to carefully select shades that nail technicians will love to consider making a part of their nail varnish collection. Not least because these gorgeous unique shades offer a refreshing take on classic nail colours, making them perfect to add to an existing palette. In turn, it creates the potential of generating repeat business from clients who wish to explore on trend seasonal shade over successive appointments.

Each individual colour that OPI has created has a story that sets it apart from other nail launches. Read on to discover more about the 12 shades and see how you can advise your clients on what colours they should choose.

  • Have Your Panettone and Eat it Too

Nothing looks more appetizing than a fresh batch of panettoni that’s finished baking in the oven and has a golden-brown crust with orange hues around it. That’s what the shade Have Your Panettone and Eat It Too manages to replicate so well. It leaves the nails looking warm, toasty and delectable. Clients can easily match this one with fall outfits that contain earthy tones.

  • Complimentary Wine

This shade is a deep burgundy red that carries a mysterious but classy edge to it. It has the base colour of black, but on closer inspection, you realise that it has the slightest touch of red. Not knowing which colour to label it on your first look is how Complimentary Wine keeps its mystery going. As a dark colour that contains two classic nail shades, clients can wear this on any occasion with any outfit.

  • My Italian is a Little Rusty          BL2492

This shade is an industrial orange that leans on the cooler side of the colour spectrum. Its earthy tones are a great replica of rust that you’d find on the streets of Milan, only instead of being reminded that something is starting to look old, this colour will make nails look very new and fashion forward. This orange-brown shade will be the new autumn block colour clients may be attracted to. 

  • Leonardo’s Model Colour

An iridescent colour that’s both memorising and unique, it’s merely sensible that it’s been called Leonardo’s Model Color. It shares the same characteristics as Leonardo’s masterpieces; they all stand out in the art world and nail world. The glimmer in this shade will be a hit with clients who love iridescent purple shades and high sparkle put together.

  • This Color Hits all the High Notes

This shade is way up on the lighter side of the colour spectrum with its heavenly white base colour filled with pearlescent blue hues. It captures the angelic, artistic side of opera singing all in one bottle. Being a subtle glam shade, clients who prefer soft colours that carry a gentle sparkle will like this one.

  • Drama at La Scalla

This showstopping shade is one you can’t take your eyes off. A vintage-inspired teal, this colour has both elements of the arts and fashion combined. Clients who like to venture into teal shades will love this one.

  • Gallaria Vittorio VioletBL2495

This glitzy purple glamorous shade is artistic in the way that it emulates spring time lilac tones and evening time violet tones and combines them effortlessly. Clients that get drawn to darker pastel shades will like to try this one.

  • Duamo Days Isola Nights  

If you could recreate the period of time after dusk and before dawn in a nail colour, this shade would be it. A deep sapphire blue, Duamo Days, Isola Nights is the perfect reflection of the typical peak dreaming hours. If clients are looking to go for a more retro nail look this fall, this shade which compliments denim will be a great match.

  • Fall-ing for Milan

Fall-ing for Milan is a star in its own right. A bright taupe colour with specks of bronze, this colour has been expertly combined to include one of the ultimate fall colours as a base colour, with the added glitz and glamour of gold that will make clients feel like they have the hands of a nail supermodel.

  • OPI Nails the Runway

BL2494This shimmery granite grey is one to be shown off a set of beautifully manicured nails. Glitter lovers may be satisfied with the intense shimmer this shade carries, despite it not containing thick pieces of glitter in it to bring out more shine.

  • Addio Bad Nails, Ciao Great Nails

You could only have compliments reserved for this nail shade, as it contains a soft lilac base added with hints of a purple-pink shimmer inside. Clients that love space style shades will like this one.                                              

  • Suzi Talks with Her Hands   

The most industrial shade of them all, Suzi Talks with Her Hands is a direct colour match to the steel grey you may find in the streets of Milan. It’s definitely a stand-alone shade. Stark and bold, clients who like to wear unique single colours won’t want to miss out on this one.

Which OPI system works best for my nail services?

The 12 shades are available in all of OPI’s nail systems. If you’re not yet familiar with OPI’s nail systems, they run in 3 high-quality liquid formula categories: GelColor, Nail Lacquer and Infinite Shine. GelColor promises long lasting coverage of up to 3 weeks with a minimum of 15 minutes manicure time. Infinite shine is a hybrid of GelColor and Nail lacquer. It carries the same level of high shine as GelColor, but has the simple removal process of a Nail Lacquer, with up to 11 days of wear. The classic Nail Lacquer is stronger than most standard nail polishes and lasts up to 7 days, chip-free. You can read more about them on our blog here.

What Muse of Milan inspired nail art can I try?

Marble muse 

  1. Start by applying 1 thin coat of OPI natural nail base coat.
  2. Apply 1 coat of This Color Hits all the High Notes. Allow it to dry.
  3. Apply 1 coat of This Color Hits all the High Notes, and while still wet, use a detail brush to apply Lady In Black in vein-like patterns to mimic marble. Immediately use N.A.S. 99 to diffuse the veins, then let it dry.
  4. Once dry, apply 1 more coat of This Color Hits all the High Notes on top of the design. Allow it to dry.
  5. Finish the look with your favourite OPI top coat.

Rose gold arches

  1. Start by applying 1 thin coat of OPI natural nail base coat.
  2. Apply 1 coat of Fall-ing for Milan. Allow it to dry.
  3. Apply 1 coat of Fall-ing for Milan, and while still wet, use a detail brush to apply Complimentary Wine in two thin semi-circles, one at the edge of the nail and the other on the middle.
  4. Allow it to dry.
  5. Finish the look with your favourite OPI top coat.

Where can I buy the range?

 The full range is available now on the Ellisons site.

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