Brow Tycoon is widely regarded as the safest eyebrow henna in the UK and Ireland. Read our Brow Tycoon henna brows guide for a full overview on colours, timelines and training courses.

Visopeel is a professional facial peel which provides clearer, fresher looking skin. Even if your clients don’t have any specific skin issues, a facial peel will still provide them with clearer, healthier looking skin. In order to provide Visopeel treatment, a 3 hour course must be completed which leads to a certification.

Follow our list of wedding day hair and beauty must-haves to prepare your clients to look their best on the big day. Prepare as best you can for manicure, brow and tanning treatments, as well as other procedures.

Marble nails have been on trend for a couple of years now so we wanted to help you create this nail look with a simple step by step guide. Enjoy and let us know how you get on in the comments below or on our social media.


The world's first SPF50 self tan luxury lotion. This unique patent pending formula is the result of two year's intensive research by some of the UK's leading sun care specialists and has been endorsed by leading dermatologists.

We are delighted to launch the Déesse professional LED mask. Read more about the top benefits here.

When it comes to waxing there are a lot of misconceptions your client may have, We are here to bust the most common myths about all things waxing and hair removal.

This innovative brand enables nail technicians to maximise their creativity, with their award-winning product ranges allowing you to provide every client with a unique, perfected nail look.