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Which CND™ top coat is best for your client?

Loved by clients and nail technicians alike, CND™Shellac is renowned for its ground-breaking 14+ day high performance wear, glossy finish and fast dry time. Now, thanks to the launch of their new, revolutionary top coat DuraForce™, clients with weak, brittle nails can also benefit from the same extended wear, ensuring a beautiful, long-lasting nail look.

Introducing DuraForce™

Designed with new breakthrough technology, DuraForce™ is the toughest top coat yet from CND™Shellac™, offering 25% more protection for weak, thin or damaged nails. Similar to CND™Shellac™ top coat and CND™Shellac™ Xpress5™ top coat, DuraForce™ ensures easy, glide-on application and a stunning crystal-shine finish, whilst causing no damage to the natural nail. It can also be used over CND™ Additives, nail art and embellishments.


Enhance your CND™Shellac™ service by adding DuraForce™ to your top coat collection. With 20% of the nation suffering from weak or brittle nails, there is high demand for nail products that can guarantee long-lasting results without chipping and breakage. Adding DuraForce™ to your CND™Shellac service will ensure that even those with weak nails can enjoy their manicure for as long as possible.
With a 15 minute removal time, DuraForce™ takes the longest to remove of the three CND™Shellac top coats due to its combination of powerful ingredients that ensure effective protection for weak nails. This will create a longer service time and, in turn, you may wish to increase your cost per service. You could also use the removal time to begin another treatment, such as a pedicure or allow your client to spend this time choosing their next CND™Shellac polish.

CND™Shellac™ top coat overview

With three CND™Shellac™ top coats now available, you can provide a customised service to each client by choosing a top coat specific to their individual nail needs.

CND™Shellac™ top coat 

  • Suitable for: all nail types
  • Removal time: 8 minutes
  • Cure time: 2 minutes with CND™ UV lamp
  • Ideal for: glitter and nail art

The consistency of the original CND™Shellac™ top coat captures glitter particles, ensuring a smooth, glossy finish on both polish and nail art. It also applies like a polish but wears like a gel to ensure durability and can be removed quickly without damaging the natural nail.

CND™Shellac™ Xpress5™ top coat

Perfect for busy clients and salons, the innovative Xpress5™top coat offers the fastest removal of the three top coats. While your client benefits from a reduced treatment time, you will also benefit as the extra time you gain can be used to offer your services to more clients and, in turn, make more profit for your business.

CND™Shellac DuraForce™

  • Suitable for: weak, thin and damaged nails
  • Removal time: 15 minutes
  • Cure time: 2 minutes with CND™ UV lamp
  • Ideal for: problematic nails to ensure long-lasting wear

The advanced formula of DuraForce™ ensures even those suffering from problematic nails can experience long-lasting wear with uncompromising strength and shine. With 25% more protection for weak nails, this top coat is a great option for clients who are prone to nail breakage and chipping.

What are your thoughts on the selection of CND™Shellac™ top coats? Let us know whether you’ll be adding DuraForce™ to your CND™Shellac™ service in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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