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Getting to know OLAPLEX No.9

Are you excited? You should be. Olaplex are adding to their already market-leading family, with the new No.9 bond protector nourishing hair serum. This innovative product will offer your clients a new step on their hair care journey with Olaplex and will enable you to give them results that last long after they leave your salon.

What is OLAPLEX No. 9?

Introducing the brand's first-ever leave-in hair serum that helps to protect and restore. Olaplex No. 9 is ideal for dry and damaged hair, seeking to boost shine and replenish lost moisture.

Infused with the brand’s hero ingredient, bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, this helps to support and refine your hair. Blended with potent antioxidants from the red algae extract, the powerful formula works to protect hair from free radicals and heat damage, promoting a healthier-looking appearance. Olplaex No9 lady with curly ahir

Essentially, it is a shield for your client’s hair, that guards against impure elements in the air and in water that may damage the hair or reduce the shine and colour.

Why should I use OLAPLEX No.9?

Using this product will allow you to offer your clients longer lasting hair colour, as well as leaving hair nourished and protected. If you already use Olaplex products in your salon then you already know about the quality of their treatments, and No.9 is no different. It provides benefits that work perfectly alongside the other products in the range, or similar hair care systems.

There can be no doubting the effectiveness of the treatment, with Olaplex restricting their product range to a small family in order to put their heart and soul into every new development. The results speak for themselves, with Olaplex hair care systems being among the most popular in the world among hair professionals.

How to useOlaplex No9 lisitng benefots

1. Apply a small amount to damp, towel-dried hair working upward from ends to roots. Use more as needed for longer, thicker hair.

2. Air-dry for a soft texture. Blow-dry for a smooth finish. Diffuse for waves or curls.

3. Apply sparingly to dry hair for frizz and static control and added shine.

Want to learn more?

Check out our other blog on the Olaplex range to find out how to use their innovative system to it’s full potential. Also, there’s some information on the amazing 4P Purple shampoo that is ideal for protecting and boosting coloured hair. Ellisons are currently offering a buy 6, get 1 free promotion on the Olaplex range if you have been inspired to try it out. Keep up to date with Ellisons on social media and discover any new offers and deals we have for yourself.

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