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Introducing Lecenté™ nail art

At the forefront of nail art innovation, Lecenté is a creative brand for nail technicians who wish to set themselves apart. An inspired range of nail glitter, foil, pigment and gel polish offers the perfect medium to create endless designs each characterised by their uniqueness.

How will my business and clients benefit from Lecenté?

Customisable designs that clients can’t find elsewhere

With a choice of over 300 different items in the range you will be able to push the boundaries of your creativity to give clients unique designs they will fall in love with. It’s the perfect way to create loyalty and establish a reputation for outstanding nail art which your clients will struggle to achieve at home or receive from competitors.

Excellent value and revenue potential

Your unique talent should become a valuable source of income. You may choose to upscale your core nail service by adding foils for example. The added cost of materials is low compared to the additional revenue you will be able to generate.

Practical and fashionable

Valuing style and practicality to the core, even the packaging is designed to make a statement about your business. From clear cannisters that showcase glitters to the polka dot caps on precision nail brushes, the range is easily organised and intended to spark inspiration.

Which product ranges should I try?

Lecenté Create gel polishLecente-Create-gel-manicure-swatch

With up to 3 weeks non-fading wear, professionals can rely on Lecenté Create gel system for complete client satisfaction. Choose from a fantastic variety of colours for use either as a nail art base or as a standalone statement to complement your client’s sense of style.

Most products feature a HEMA free and hypoallergenic formula to make them suitable for clients with sensitivity issues. Cure each layer for 30 seconds to deliver an exceptional high shine, strengthened coating and resistance to DEET, sun cream, chlorine and bleach.

On trend and in high demand, linear holographic effects can be achieved with rainbow glitter gels which contain just 12% HEMA. Each coat cures in just 60 seconds for instant delight.


  • One coat colour – enjoy 56 applications per bottle with a formula that is strongly pigmented to optimise time
  • Glitter gels – made from glamorous micro glitter in a gel base. The simplest way to achieve incredible sparkle, benefit from 28, 2 coat applications in each bottle. Also available in rainbow shades for a holographic look
  • Tops and bases – instantly add strength, durability or even a matte effect. The Create top coat is non-wipe and 50% thicker than standard formulas for the ultimate finish. Nails maintain a natural look while resins allow flexibility to help prevent chipping
  • Smooth It! – a versatile clear gel for smoothing over textured nail art or mixing with fine glitter for custom polishes

Size: 12ml to 15ml
Price: £11.99 to 13.99

  • UV/LED lamp – smartly designed, the 36 LED lamp features an automatic sensor, 4 timer settings, low heat mode, detachable base plate for pedicures and up to 50,000 hours of usage

Price: £99.99

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Lecenté nail foilLecente-nail-foil

Achieve complex patterns and effects by applying directly onto cured gel polish for full coverage or using Stick It! foil adhesive for detail work before capping with a protective top coat.

Size: 1500mm
Price: £3.99

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Lecenté nail glitterLecente-nail-glitter

From full coverage to fine details, amplify the sparkle for memorable nails.


  • Holographic – a rainbow shifting effect in every piece to sparkle in almost every light
  • Super holographic – twice the glitter pieces for a prismatic effect
  • Iridescent – translucent for limitless effects when used with different base colours
  • Ultra fine – precision cut and can be mixed with polish, gels, and liquid and powder acrylic
  • Glitter shapes – a unique range of fun shapes and colours
  • Fireworks – holographic ultra fine glitter for maximum impact
  • Glimenté – combines holographic pigment and glitter dust for extreme sparkle
  • Multi glitz – a multidimensional mix of at least 3 colours and 2 sizes of glitter in each shade

Size: 8g
Price: £3.99

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Lecenté nail pigmentLecente-nail-powder

These fine powders are fantastically versatile. Either apply to cured gel polish, mix with hard gel or liquid and powder acrylic.


  • Nail shadow – pure and pearlescent versions
  • Chrome effect glitter – creates an eye-catching, realistic metallic effect
  • Stardust glitter – easier to apply and quicker to remove than conventional glitter, these are the thinnest flake pieces that sit flat on the nail for a smooth finish
  • Ombré powder – designed to be partially layered for a colour gradient

Size: 2.5 g to 8g
Price: £3.99

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How can I create nail art designs with Lecenté?

Animal print foil with gel base

  1. Apply a coat of Lecenté Create colour gel and cure for 30 seconds
  2. Apply a coat of foil gel to the entire nail and cure for 2 minutes
  3. Place the foil onto the nail and rub on using a lint free wipe before carefully peeling away
  4. Apply the Lecenté Create top coat and cure for 30 seconds before wiping with IPA for a shiny finish

Pastel powder ombré

  1. Use the P1 brush to apply white ombré powder to the tip of the nail, working back halfway towards the cuticle
  2. Apply the pink ombré powder on the rest of the nail, blending it with the white
  3. Apply a coat of clear pink gel polish to remove the pearl sheen and cure for 30 seconds
  4. Finish with a top coat and cure

Crushed ice glitter shapes detailing

  1. Apply a gel polish to a diagonal half of the nail
  2. Tidy with the A1 bush and cure, before repeating step 1 and 2
  3. Apply a thin layer of Smooth It! to the whole nail before placing your choice of glitter shapes with the T1 tool before curing
  4. Apply another thin layer of Smooth It! and cure
  5. Seal in with a top coat and cure

Halloween custom glitter drip

  1. Apply a coat of Lecenté Create colour gel and cure for 30 seconds
  2. Mix 1 part fireworks glitter to 3 parts Smooth It! to create a paste
  3. Use a dotting tool to apply the glitter paste as the tips of the drips
  4. Attach drip lines with the S2 brush
  5. Use the dotting tool to fill the cuticle area with the mix
  6. Add a final dot below the drips and cure for 60 seconds
  7. Seal in with Lecenté Create top coat and cure for 30 seconds

Where can I buy the range?

Explore and shop the full Lecenté gel and nail art range at Ellisons today.

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