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Say hello to Halo: 4 new nail systems at Ellisons

We’re delighted to be stocking the Halo polish range by Pure Nails and recently spent some time with Tina Bell from Pure Nails to learn how the guys at Halo help treat clients to beautiful nails.

About Halo

Halo have always had nail technicians at the very heart of their brand. Halo brand ambassador Tina Bell comments, “Our mission is to offer the best quality products across all disciplines at a price that is competitive” and this is really stands out across all their ranges. Everyone at Pure Nails understands the importance of delivering outstanding results to clients every time and work tirelessly to create top quality products that make sure clients always leave delighted.

The vegan and cruelty-free nail formula offers easy application, intense colour, fantastic shine, and long-lasting results. The range features many gorgeous shades offering an almost limitless choice for clients when it comes to choosing nail colour and designs.

Choose the right system for your clients

Gel Polish:

This is perfect for a client who has natural, healthy nails. However, for a client with weak and bendy nails, they will need some extra help. Tina recommends Halo Rubber Base Coat. It will flex/bend with the natural nail, preventing chipping and fractures in the polish. Halo Thick Top Coat is another recommended product that really helps to prevent chipping by thickening the weaker nail to help support the polish.


Halo Polibuild is the newest system at Pure Nails. It has the durability and strength of the Halo Acrylic system, along with the flexibility and lightness of Easibuild. Polibuild needs a lamp to set the product and because of this, is ideal for newly qualified nail techs. It allows you to take your time pushing and placing any crystals or design elements until they’re just perfect.

Halo Easibuild:

For clients who need more help with growing their nails, Tina recommends Halo Easibuild. Easibuild is a hard gel in a bottle which makes application simple. The name ‘Hard Gel’ doesn't mean the product is completely solid, it retains bend and flexibility, making it perfect for an overlay on natural nails.

It’s suitable for all clients, helping them to achieve extra length. To protect your client’s nails, Easibuild needs to have a little thickness to serve its purpose as an overlay – the thinner the product, the more it will bend. Adding a little more thickness to the overlay will help keep the end result firm. 

Halo Acrylic:

Halo Acrylic Liquid and Powder is one of the strongest systems due to its longevity and durability. Acrylic is a timeless classic and The system is perfect for all clients who wish to achieve long nails with the help of forms or tips. It’s also ideal as an overlay system for clients who have a healthy nail bed. 

Say hello to Halo: 4 new nail systems for winter

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