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Which St.Tropez products should I add to my salon?

Allow your clients to discover their ultimate tan. Discover St.Tropez and learn how you can incorporate the UK’s leading tanning brand into your business.

St.Tropez is a cult brand that beauty clients associate with the perfect tan. Whether you’re curious about introducing the popular range to your treatment menu or are looking to engage customers with the latest ranges, follow our expert, practical advice for finding the right products. 

Professional mists

St.Tropez Purity 1L

Boasting a fabulous wardrobe of choice, curate your selection of professional St.Tropez spray tan mists from five unique finishes that will complement clients’ skin tones and excite them for their next appointment.

  • St.Tropez classic mist – Enables your clients to achieve a flawless sun kissed glow.

  • St.Tropez dark mist – Offer a deeper darker bronze without the streaks and flaws of intense DIY at home tans.

  • St.Tropez express tan – A highly versatile tanning solution offering three different finishes: light bronze, if washed off after one hour, a classic appearance if washed off after two hours and a dark appearance if washed off after three hours.

  • Luxe St.Tropez tanning oil mist – Developing into a similar shade to the iconic classic mist, Luxe oil mist creates a dewy, luminous glow that is ideal for holidays and special events.

  • St.Tropez purity mist –  An innovative clear tanning formula that gradually develops on the skin without the need to rinse off. Easy for beauty therapists to apply, it offers a light green sheen to guide application.

All of the mists are available in 1 litre bottles that contain approximately 13 treatments. Classic and Express mists are available in 4 litre bottles, containing approximately 52 treatments.


St.Tropez Spray tan kit

When you’re using the best professional mists, it’s important to use high quality professional equipment to provide a premium service..

As well as offering St. Tropez products, we provide tanning equipment to suit the needs of beauty salons, spas and mobile therapists. We can guide you on how to launch your St. Tropez treatments, manage your client’ unique requirements and enhance your overall customer experience.

  • St.Tropez pro booth – both elegantly branded and practical, this premium choice is designed for salons and spas that have ongoing demand for professional, flawless tans. The patented dual level extraction fan helps to minimise drying time and overspray, while the air-cleaning function allows for the fullest of schedules.

  • St.Tropez pro go spray tan machine – master a professional finish with this high volume, low pressure unit and gun. A more portable option that can also be usedby mobile therapists, simply pour mist into the bottle and enjoy the continuous spray and flexible movement of the lengthy air pipe.

  • Esthetix Aura elite kit and Mobile complete spray tan kit – including a St.Tropez mist, our kits also include other essential equipment including pop-up tents, tanning machines and disposable client wear.

  • Replacement filters –not having replacement equipment to hand can play havoc with a schedule. Never be forced to turn a client away with our range of replacement parts to keep your spray tan machines in top condition.

Home care products

St.Tropez Home care products

Along with the fabulous mist offering, St.Tropez also has an extensive range of retail products that you can sell onto your customers, enabling  them to maintain their tan in-between salon visits. The retail products are also a fantastic tool to help encourage loyalty with your clients. For example, you could incentivise clients to book multiple treatments in a row by offering a free gift. Alternatively, provide a sample to introduce them to your preferred brand and  invite them to experience the range of treatments on offer.

St Tropez gradual tan

St.Tropez gradual tan

St.Tropez gradual tan is perfect for maintaining a subtle glow between appointments and for clients with busy schedules or those new to tanning.

  • St.Tropez in shower tan – applied for just three minutes over three days, this buildable glow slots perfectly between a shampoo, conditioner and body wash routine. Whether clients prefer a St.Tropez dark tan or classic glow, we have the perfect choice to achieve a St.Tropez gradual tan in the shower.

  • St.Tropez tanning lotion – hydrates  and nurtures skin but with a quick drying, non-sticky texture that gradually builds colour. Don’t miss out on the growing trend of beauty products that multitask as skincare. The St.Tropez gradual tan watermelon version even revolutionises the traditional scent.

  • St.Tropez mousse pre-shower – the busiest of client schedules can still be catered for with the one minute wait technology of this St.Tropez tanning mousse. Apply, jump in the shower and go.

St Tropez Instant tan

St.Tropez instant tan

St.Tropez Instant Tan is tailored for clients that are committed to a full, tropical beach glow for everyday or special occasions.

  • St.Tropez self tanner lotion – developing over four to eight hours, offer long-term tan fans a reliable choice that can achieve everything from the St.Tropez extra dark finish to classic gold.

  • St.Tropez face mist and bronzing mist – dispensed for a quicker application, clients can cover a full body more efficiently before evenly massaging in.

  • St.Tropez purity gel – the water clear serum achieves a flawless St.Tropez face tan that can be worn under make-up when dry. Clients can apply without the need to rinse as it develops on the skin without the need for water

  • St.Tropez bronzing mousse – a luxurious foam that is easily blended, St.Tropez Express Mousse develops from light, to medium, to deep dark bronze over three hours. Clients love the customisable three-in-one options of this hero, creating the ultimate weekend look.

St. Tropez tan remover

St.Tropez tan remover

St.Tropez preparation and application products help to reassure clients of effortless results. Extend your range and offer friendly, expert advice to develop long-lasting relationships.

  • St.Tropez tan remover – clients can easily correct self-tan mistakes or start afresh, ready to make the most of their next appointment with you.

  • St.Tropez tanning mitt – this cleverly designed essential protect hands, minimises clean-up and helps to create a St.Tropez tan that looks 100% natural.

Discover the full range of St.Tropez products on our website here.

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