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Busting common waxing myths

Waxing myths are not always clear cut. When it comes to waxing there are a lot of things your client may immediately think of or assume, so we are here to bust the most common pre-conceptions about all things waxing and hair removal.

  1. Shaving will make the hair grow back thicker and faster
  2. Waxing from a young age will guarantee you will have less hair as an adult
  3. Waxing is never pain-free
  4. You should grow out your hair before your appointment
  5. You shouldn't wax if you're pregnant
  6. You should avoid tanning after waxing
  7. Waxing terminology

1. Myth: Shaving will make the hair grow back thicker and faster

False. Contrary to popular belief this is not in fact the case. Waxing progressively weakens the follicle. This means the more waxing appointments, the finer and sparser hair will grow. This is also false with regards to shaving, the hair just may appear coarser due to the angle and length at which the hair is shaven off.

2. Myth: Waxing from a young age will guarantee you will have less hair as an adult

This cannot be guaranteed as every client’s hair will grow at their own rate so it is hard to confirm if this is fact or fiction. For some of you lucky ones frequent waxing will reduce the rate at which the hair grows back, however for some others this won’t make any difference at all. Waxing is as individual as the client, there are no guarantees or blanket words of wisdom as it is a natural process.

3. Myth: Waxing is never pain-free

False. Whilst we will admit waxing isn’t 100% pain-free, the pain can be minimised and this is down to training and experience. You, as therapists, can help to make the experience as comfortable as possible through effective application and removal. Whilst every client’s pain threshold will vary, applying a numbing cream will surely help to relieve the pain.

4. Myth: You should grow out your hair before your appointment

This is one of the most common pre-conceptions when your clients arrive for their treatment. Whilst it is true your clients must have grown out some hair for the wax to adhere to, it does not have to be extremely long for effective results.

5. Myth: You shouldn’t wax if you’re pregnant

False. You can still go for a waxing treatment even if you are pregnant there are no risks involved. It is just important to remember that your client’s skin may be a little more sensitive during this time and to make them aware of this.

6. Myth: You should avoid tanning after waxing

This is true. Since the pores are still open and the skin is recovering, there is increased risk of skin infection or irritation. Another reason not to spray-tan right after waxing is that the result will come out uneven or patchy- not what any client wants. The average waiting period is 48 hours in order to let the skin rest and achieve that perfect, even tan.

7. Waxing terminology

You may wonder what all the different waxing terminologies are actually referring to. You may not want to ask as you may think you should already know, however here at Ellisons we thought we would offer you a helping hand and a guide you can refer back to for reference and clarification. We know you’ll want to provide your clients with exactly what they are after.

You may think there is such thing as a standard bikini wax when in fact there are many variations and it is important to clarify with your client before going ahead and performing the treatment.

  • Firstly, Brazilian wax is one of the most popular options when it comes to intimate waxing. If your client wants to feel totally hairless and smooth, offer them Brazilian.
  • A French wax differs from other styles like a Brazilian as most of the hair is taken from around the front and sides, but the middle and around the back is left alone.
  • A Hollywood wax removes all the hair, this is for the clients that want a totally fresh intimate area.

Be sure to provide your clients with the service they are after and ensure you are both clear with the desired outcome to ensure everyone is happy. We hope you now feel more clued up in the world of waxing and you can share our handy tips with fellow professionals and clients. Shop our waxing range and update your supplies here.

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