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10 ways to promote your beauty waxing business

From legs and bikini lines to eyebrows and underarms, waxing is likely to be one of your most popular services this summer. No surprise then that studies have shown that the average woman spends up to £23,000 removing unwanted hair over her lifetime.

TV shows, like Love Island, are also having a big impact on your potential male clients: with consumer surveys revealing that hair removal is the fastest growing beauty category for men, seeing an increase of up to 25% year-on-year.

Although this is great news for your professional beauty business, it doesn’t mean you can sit back and wait for the clients to come pouring in (sorry!). You’ll need to nail your marketing to make sure you stand out from the competition to build your business.

In this blog, we’ll explore ten innovative marketing ideas to help you promote your beauty waxing business to both existing and new customers.

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1. Don’t leave the next booking to chance

It may seem obvious, but equally easy to forget. It is vital that you make the rebooking conversation an integral part of every appointment. Waxing clients should be looking to rebook every four to six weeks so make sure that at the end of every treatment you mention this to your client. If someone leaves your salon without booking their next appointment, you’re potentially losing future business.


2. Your best clients are your existing clients

Before thinking about any activity for attracting new customers, focus on what you can do for your loyal and occasional customers.

Rewarding your existing clients for their loyalty is an excellent way to keep them coming back and referring others. Implement a loyalty program that offers points or discounts based on the number of services they receive or the amount spent.


3. Gain your client’s trust

With so many waxing products to choose from, make sure you’re passionate about the brand you use to perform treatments. Tell your clients why you like it, why it’s good for them. Waxing isn’t just about removing hair, it’s also about caring for the skin.

The more passionate and knowledgeable you are about your products, the more your clients will trust you and with an intimate treatment like waxing, trust is a key factor in a client’s decision to book again.

Passion also extends to investing in education—for technicians and clients alike. For example, it is a good idea to begin developing partnerships with wax companies that offer ongoing expertise and training. Continuing education is crucial to you and your colleagues’ professional’s success, so don’t forget to showcase your certifications and educate clients on the products and processes you implement so they feel completely confident in your skills.


4. Plan themed events

Organise themed events and workshops that showcase the benefits and techniques of waxing. Thes events can target specific groups of clients or their concerns, such as sensitive skin  or pre-wedding beauty preparation. If possible collaborate with skincare experts, including the educators from your skin care brand and dermatologists to provide valuable insight, adding credibility to your salon and creating a memorable experience for attendees.

When you host a special event you could offer complimentary brow touch-ups, with a special offer for attendees. Go one step further - if your lash brand has a goody bag they can supply, you could add upgrade to this with a 10% off voucher for their next treatment.


5. Plan seasonal promotions

Tailor your marketing campaigns to the seasons. Offer promotions that  tie in with holidays or events like summer vacations or year-end parties. You may even consider budling waxing services with complementary treatments or retail products, adding value to the offer to encourage clients to try new services.


6. Embrace online booking and mobile apps

In today’s fast paced world, convenience matters. Consider developing and easy to use website or signing up to a booking app such as booksy or solo. This will allow clients to book appointments on the go and receive notifications about upcoming promotions and events and will enhance their overall experience.


7. Ask for client testimonials

Word of mouth recommendation is free and highly effective. Ask your existing clients to write a quick review of your services on your website or on social media. This type of organic content, straight from one of your clients, is one of the most powerful marketing materials that your business can have. Allow you’re your passion and quality to speak for itself through sharing the positive experiences of your clients. The more positive reviews the better!


8. Collaborate with other local businesses

Build partnerships with other local business to expand your reach. Near by gyms, independent and fashion boutiques all offer the opportunity to offer joint discounts or pop up events at each other’s location. These collaborations will help introduce your salon to new audiences and will foster a sense of community among local businesses.


9. Consider your salon layout

Well-planned design and layout can also boost bookings. If you have a brow bar in the front of your salon, it will communicate to passing footfall that you offer waxing treatments and make them more likely to book. The opposite is true too, if you have a private room for waxing, then more self conscious customers may feel more comfortable in your salon. The important thing is that you get to know your clients and can fulfil their needs in the best way possible. Making sure that your salon is inviting, clean and beautiful will add to your clients’ experience.


10. Keep it clean simple and beautiful

Let’s face it, waxing services can be viewed as less pleasant than, say, a soothing spa treatment, so it’s important to cultivate an inviting, relaxing environment—and one that instils confidence in both your skill and your hygiene. Your motto should be ‘clean, simple, beautiful’. so waxing areas and equipment should always be clean, feature minimal clutter and pared-down retail, but without that hospital-like sterility.  



We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog, and that there are a few of these tips that you’re excited to put into practice with your own business. If you are looking for further help and advice on a range of business issues, check out our magazine page and see our latest blogs. Also, check out our waxing offers page to discover some of our incredible offers on a range of your favourite waxing brands.

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