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Hit the road in style: Unveiling the Road Trip Collection from The GelBottle

Hot on the heels of our launch of the iconic The GelBottle brand, comes the release of a brand-new collection: Road Trip. This gorgeous selection of gel nail polish has everything you could wish for, from the bright and bold to the subtle and natural, there is sure to be a colour for every client in this brand-new summer 2023 range.

The stunning new line-up offers all the colour, longevity, and vibrancy that your salon deserves. And just as every road trip promises a journey of exploration and discovery, so too does this collection, ready to take your clients on a vibrant voyage that they—and their nails—will never forget.

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Embarking on a colour journey

The Road Trip Collection offers a captivating mix of ten distinct shades, each one a tribute to the thrilling facets of an unforgettable journey. Let’s explore the palette, full of bold, dynamic colours ready to accompany your clients on their summer adventures.

‘Provence’ is a deep, sumptuous purple pastel with black and gold flecks, reminiscent of those stunning dusks when the sun dips low and bathes everything in a warm, all-encompassing glow. It's a courageous, optimistic shade, perfect for the adventurous at heart.

Next, we have ‘Away’ a light, pastel green colour that evokes the memory of sunlight filtering through a tree-lined road as you drive along. This bright shade is for those seeking a connection with nature and a grounding touch to their adventurous spirit.

Taking a more urban approach, ‘Weekender’ captures the pulsating excitement of a bustling city with its bold, electric blue shade. It’s a sure-fire hit for those who thrive on urban energy, embodying the dynamic rhythm of city life.

‘Solo’ is a gentle blush tone, taking inspiration from the iconic BIAB range, which resonates with the serenity of the early morning sun. This shade offers a subtle elegance, a subdued statement of refinement and grace, making it ideal for those looking for a delicate touch of colour.

Inspired by the allure of a tropical beach ‘Vacay’ is a lively coral hue that channels the vibrancy of sun, sand, and waves. It's the perfect pick for beach lovers and those who wish to keep a piece of summer with them.

With ‘Voyage,’ you encounter a milky white hue with flecks of gold, reminiscent of snow-capped mountains reflecting a golden sunrise. It's a versatile shade that conveys a sense of purity, offering a clean canvas for additional creativity.

Next up is ‘Playlist,’ a unique, deep bubblegum pink that brings a pop of bright colour to your client’s nails. This shade is for those who want to stand out from the crowd, adding an unexpected twist to their manicure.

‘Headlights’ is a warm, toasted marshmallow colour flecked with black and gold, just like the snug moments shared around a campfire. It's a comforting shade that invokes feelings of togetherness and nostalgia.

‘Escape’ is a calming, nude shade that is perfect as a base layer or as a subtle shade in its own right. Inspired by The GelBottle’s best-selling BIAB, it’s a classic, timeless colour that adds a powerful statement to any look.

Finally, ‘Rainbow’ concludes our journey with a vibrant, bold green, painting a picture of expansive, sun-kissed fields. It's a cheerful colour for those who love to carry a dash of sunshine wherever they go.

Enjoy shopping at Ellisons

In conclusion, the Road Trip Collection is more than a new set of colours—it’s an invitation to adventure. It embodies innovation, quality, and a distinct narrative that will captivate your clients. This isn’t just another addition to your salon; it’s an upgrade. So, rev up your salon’s offerings, fuel your clients’ love for colour, and get ready to embark on an exciting journey with The GelBottle's Road Trip Collection.

We are dedicated to serving nail professionals like you. We’re excited to bring you the range of The GelBottle products, including gel polish, BIAB, and nail accessories. This means that you can find everything you need all in one place and choose the right product for your client’s specific needs and requirements. From the most creative nail art design, to every day nail care, TGB has a product for every client, and Ellisons has them all in stock. You can find them on our landing page here.

We hope you’ve found this blog helpful and are looking forward to trying out The GelBottle for yourself. Keep your eye on our Instagram page where you can find all the latest info on TGB and our other brands, including helpful videos and treatment ideas, not to mention our regular giveaways where we give you the chance to win huge prize bundles. If you’ve enjoyed this blog, why not check out some of our other articles on our magazine page here.

The GelBottle difference

The GelBottle’s Road Trip Collection isn’t just about its stunning palette, it’s about the quality and innovation that the brand continually delivers. These gel polishes are renowned for their exceptional durability, offering a chip-free, high-gloss finish that can easily last from three to four weeks. In an industry where long-lasting wear is valued so highly, The GelBottle fulfils that demand flawlessly.

What’s more, the collection is vegan and cruelty-free, aligning with the growing shift towards ethical beauty products in the market today. 

Given their background as a brand created by nail pros for nail pros, it’s no surprise that all The GelBottle polishes have been designed for smooth application, making the manicurist’s job easier while ensuring a sleek, professional finish. The broad, flat brushes provided are perfectly contoured, enabling even coverage in fewer strokes.

Why the Road Trip Collection for your salon?

As a salon owner, you are not just providing a service, you are creating an experience. The Road Trip Collection from The GelBottle allows you to do just that. By offering this collection, you're giving your clients a journey through colours that they can take with them long after they've left your salon.

Each shade tells a story, each one is a conversation starter, sparking the imagination and adding an extra layer of depth to your clients’ aesthetic choices. The broad colour spectrum of the collection ensures a shade for every personality, mood, and occasion. Your clients will appreciate the versatility and uniqueness that the Road Trip Collection brings to your salon’s offering.

The superior longevity of these gel polishes means happier clients, as their stunning manicures last longer between appointments. Additionally, the ethical and safety considerations of The GelBottle products show your clients that you care about their well-being, as well as making sure that their nails look stunning.

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