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Introducing: ISOCLEAN®

The recent launch of ISOCLEAN at Ellisons introduces yet another of the biggest brands to our selection. Their range of make-up equipment, in particular their brush cleaning solution, has seen ISOCLEAN become the brand of choice for professional make-up artists across the country. From ITV to PrettyLittleThing, make-up professionals count on ISOCLEAN to keep their brushes in top condition and performing at their best every time.

This blog will take a look at the driving force behind the brand, as well as introducing the products that you can buy today from Ellisons.

The brand

Designed and produced in the UK, all of ISOCLEAN’s products are unique, cruelty free, vegan friendly and, where possible, eliminate the use of single use plastics. They embrace the challenge of creating a solution to one of the most common issues that professional make-up artists face: keeping their equipment clean. So ISOCLEAN have developed a cleaning product that works in just 60 seconds to remove any residue, however ingrained it is. Daily usage leaves brushes clean and sterile, not to mention soft and supple. This not only helps to prevent infection and cross contamination, but also prolongs the life of make-up equipment by allowing professionals to reuse it for longer.

 At the heart of ISOCLEAN’s philosophy is their commitment to their professional partners. From speaking to beauty industry individuals to engaging in government policy discussions, they recognise the importance of maintaining standards across the industry to do all they can to ensure your staff and clients enjoy safe and hygienic environments.

 ISOCLEAN are also committed to helping the next generation of make-up pros by creating their own educational courses to help teach students about the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. Working in partnership with some of the UK’s leading universities and beauty colleges, ISOCLEAN have created practical and engaging learning experiences which transform the traditionally mundane portions of any cosmetic syllabus, into perhaps one of the most engaging.

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ISOCLEAN pro brush cleaner 525ml

ISOCLEAN pro brush cleaner 525ml

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The products

ISOCLEAN offer an array of professional make-up brush cleaning solutions to maintain the utmost hygiene in your beauty salon or spa, helping to prevent infection and cross-contamination. Leaving your makeup brushes, tools and sponges spotlessly clean in just 60 seconds, their products encourage clearer skin, for better make-up application.

 Make-up sanitiser

This ISOCLEAN make-up sanitiser can be used to clean your make-up products, containers and make-up palettes. Quickly eliminating harmful germs and killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, leaving your cosmetics hygienically clean and free from the risk of infection.

Make-up resurrector

This ISOCLEAN make-up resurrector is a must-have hero product to resurrect favourite broken make-up and avoid powder product wastage in your beauty salon. From bronzers, to eye shadows, face powder and blusher, ISOCLEAN make-up resurrector is a product you’ll want to introduce to all your clients.

To use, first put three drops of ISOCLEAN make-up resurrector solution into the bottom of the resurrector pouch. Ensure this sits in the black tip as it primes the pouch, preventing the powder from clogging. Place the broken powder remnants in the pouch and crumble until it has a finely milled consistency.

Add the resurrector solution a few drops at a time until the powder is saturated and blend with fingers until smooth. Then add more solution and blend until the mixture becomes liquid.

Make sure all the powder is dissolved and the mixture has a smooth consistency like pancake batter. (This consistency is key to ensuring the mixture sets.) Cut the tip of the pouch off and squeeze the contents back into the original container. Allow to dry by storing open, in a dry place for 12 hours until it has set.

Pro brush cleaner

This ISOCLEAN professional brush cleaner with dispenser is a must-have part of your beauty salon or spa hygiene regime. Effortlessly removing germs, dust, make-up and dirt from all your brushes and make-up application brushes and tools in just 60 seconds, it is perfect for tight turnarounds between clients in busy beauty salons, or mobile make-up artistry on the go, with no rinse required.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog and are excited to get started with ISOCLEAN. Just click here to head to the brand page and start shopping. Also, over on Ellisons Instagram, we are currently running a giveaway where you can win over £80 worth of ISOCLEAN products, so if you’re feeling lucky give our post a like and share here.

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