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Introducing: Native Lighting

As beauty professionals know, the quality of light you work with can have a huge impact on your client’s perception of the treatment you’ve performed and their sense of well-being when they leave the cocoon of your treatment room. So, whether you’re based in a salon or an on the go mobile therapist, ensuring you have perfect lighting can be one of the best investments you can make.

So, Ellisons is delighted to stock a range of lamps from leading British lighting experts, Native Lighting. Native’s selection of daylight, dimmable, flexible and magnifying lamps is rapidly growing in popularity in the professional beauty world.

This blog sheds light on what makes Native lamps the perfect partner in the salon and out-and-about, as well as introducing Ellisons’ favourite lighting options.

By talking to beauty experts, Native Lighting has designed a range of lamps perfectly suited for salons, treatment rooms and even mobile beauty businesses. No more dim, unfocussed lighting and no more casting shadows across the treatment area. Native understands how lighting makes a big difference to the quality of complex work.

Bright, natural daylight is the perfect lighting for the most beautiful results, but that can be difficult to replicate in a windowless treatment room or when the Great British weather is not on your side. Some artificial lighting is harsh and uncontrollable, but it’s possible to achieve a focussed ‘summer’s day at noon’ effect with Native lamps all year round.

FRAMAR™: Everything you need to know

The range of focussed flexible lighting includes:

  • floor and desk daylight lamps: for maximum light spread or targeted positioning
  • lamps with flexible goose necks: to bend the light close to the treatment area
  • magnifying lamps: to zoom in on those intricate tasks
  • USB and cordless lamps: to charge up and take anywhere
  • lamps with clamps and clips: to fix the light onto a beauty bed, trolley or table

Ellisons pick for mobile beauty…

Good lighting is even harder to come by when out and about so it’s important to have a reliable lamp to achieve the perfect look. The popular ZigZag lamp is a powerful, rechargeable, super-portable lamp that folds flat to take anywhere.

For magnification on the move, the Chameleon Mini gives a mighty performance with adjustable light temperatures, magnifier, USB and mains plug.

Whether the lighting is fixed or portable, most Native lamps have a choice of colour temperature (warm, cool or daylight) and all have a dimmer setting to avoid dazzling clients. The daylight setting is invaluable for colour matching.

Ellisons pick for salons and treatment rooms…

The best-selling Lumina floor and desk lamps have a flexible neck to position their amazing illumination across a wide area, either standing firmly beside the treatment area or secured to the side of the bed or a table.

For extra focus, the Chameleon magnifier lamps have 1.75X – 3.0X magnification for intricate beauty treatments, and come as a desk lamp, USB-powered or with a clamp to fix to the workstation.

Getting the best light in the perfect position for every brow, lash, nail, tattoo and make up design is essential for beauty technicians and artists to achieve the desired results for their clients and build their business based on a reputation for accuracy and excellence.

We hope you enjoyed this blog and are as excited as we are to light up the beauty world with Native Lighting. Just click here to head to the brand page and start shopping.

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