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Introducing: Willow

Ellisons have just launched a new nail brand that we are eager to shout about. Willow has been at the forefront of e-filing since their creation, and we are so pleased to announce that we will be stocking their range of e-files, bits and kits on our website. In this blog, we’re here to talk you through everything you need to know about Willow and to help shed some light on any misconceptions you may have surrounding e-files.

What is Willow?

Willow all began when founder, Lucy James first started to teach e-file. She found that the kits available for students were very few and far between. The ones that were out there were overpriced and they had a lot of pieces in the kit which weren’t needed and often full of the same grade. Lucy then decided to source her own e-file kit comprising the pieces that professional nail technicians like her used every day. The kit has exactly what’s needed, manufactured to the best quality and at an affordable price. They are designed by a nail tech, for a nail tech.

In the beginning, Willow kits were solely sold to students during training until one day someone shared their kit on Instagram. Another technician, who wasn’t a student, then enquired about purchase. Then it happened again and again until the number of messages became so overwhelming that Lucy decided to launch a website which has continued to grow and flourish.

She has gone on to offer education to teach nail techs how best to use Willow’s exciting range, as well as developing different bits and revolutionising the design of the e-file into something that is user-friendly and effective.

What makes Willow e-files different?

Because Willow was created by nail techs for themselves, they knew what they and fellow professionals wanted from an e-file.  So, they took it upon themselves to create a handpiece which solved the problems they noticed with tools available at the time; one that was much lighter than anything on the market to avoid strain and reduce the occurrence of repetitive strain injury as well as having super thin pen-like qualities to allow for intricate work.

The other downfall to e-files that they had used over the years was the near constant sound. Having taught hundreds of nail techs, they knew first-hand how they, and their clients, could be affected by intrusive noise, again, they wanted to eliminate the sound factor and improve the client and technician’s experience.

The quietness of the handpiece is all down to its type. Most e-files on the market are driven by brush motors. These tend to be louder. The Willow E-File Pro handpiece is new to the market and is classed as a brushless motor which allows it to be sleek, refined and quiet. The near silent motor of a Willow e-file makes it a reassuring choice for clients that may be unsure about the use of an electronic hand piece.

The other thing the creators of Willow pride themselves on is its torque level. Many, if not all brands, talk about RPMs (which means rotations per minute).  when it comes to an e-file. But rotations mean nothing without torque. The torque measurement will give you an idea of its strength, which will determine whether the e-file will be able to keep up with the job at hand. Willow’s is high torque rating means you can be sure that your Willow e-file is up to whatever task you throw at it.

Introducing: Willow

What are the benefits of using a Willow e-file over a regular file?

Comfort is the main factor that shaped the design of the Willow e-file. Many technicians struggle with the weight and bulkiness of an e-file, but you can happily use a Willow e-file all day long. It has a long battery life of up to 20 hours (that’s right, no need for an extra charge if you’re out and about). Its high torque means it can keep up with harder tasks as well as being perfectly refined for more intricate cuticle and nail preparation.

Why choose an e-file?

Converting to using an e-file as opposed to a regular one can feel like a big step, but Willow and Ellisons are here to support you every step of the way. Traditional e-files can leave technicians with a bad first impression of what they can deliver. But the key to understanding and delivering a safe and effective treatment using a new tool is education. This is where Willow really delivers. Their extensive online training and helpful videos on their socials will help you appreciate the benefits of using Willow in your professional treatments and will allow you to convert to a different way of working with confidence.

In the long run, e-files can help you to work faster, more efficiently and in a safe manner allowing you to provide your existing clients with an even better-quality treatment and could enable you to take more bookings with the extra time you’ve saved over using a regular nail file. E-file technology has developed in leaps and bounds and has been a source of much debate within our industry.

What do Willow sell?

Along with a market-leading range of e-files in a range of colours, Willow also sell the bits and accessories you will need to perform every nail service. Their 5-bit kits offer exactly what you need for each step of your service. To help further, they have also devised a ‘Which bit chart’. This handy chart will take you through each e-file bit, its grade, whether it’s suited to right-handed or left-handed techs and also give you a tick chart of which products it is best suited to be used with.

If you’re new to Willow, or e-files in general you should definitely try one of their kits which includes a variety of different grit levels and shape preferences to suit a wide range of services and treatments.

Shop our full Willow E-file Range online at Ellisons. Or take a look at our Instagram to enter a giveaway where you can win a selection of Willow products.

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