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Life’s a Beach

Are you feeling the heat and in desperate need of some sizzling summer hair inspiration? Look no further because we've got the coolest idea for you: a pearl-toned balayage that will make your locks shine brighter than the summer sun! But hold onto your beach hats because that's not all—we've got a trove of fantastic tips and tricks to ensure your hair stays healthy and hydrated. Get ready to slay the summer hair game and unleash your inner beach goddess.

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The pearl hair trend has been making waves in the hair industry, with many people opting for these iridescent shades. Pearl hair is a mix of cool, ashy tones and subtle hints of violet and blue, creating a multidimensional effect that resembles the luster of pearls. It’s the perfect compliment to a tanned complexion! Balayage allows for a more beachy, sun-kissed effect, which is perfect for achieving the subtle tones of pearl hair. By blending the pearl shade with balayage, you can create a unique and stunning look that is sure to turn heads. Add a gram or two of Dialight Red Booster for a stunning soft pink that’s perfect for a festival and will wash to a neutral, nude blonde for when you have to go back to reality!

6. Never rub wet hair with a towel, hair is fragile when its wet. Use squeezing and blotting to remove excess water.
7. Wear a hat or scarf to protect your hair from the sun’s damaging rays where possible
8. Speak to your colourist about a trim and toner refresh post holiday to prevent any split ends travelling up the hair shaft.
9. Use Scalp Advanced 2-1 Clay Masque to deeply detox the scalp once a week to remove any build up
10. Don’t forget, these tips are useful even when sunning yourself in the garden!

Bronze beachy balayage

Prepare the hair with Metal Detox Pre-Treatment


45mls of Dia Light 9,82
1ml of Dia Light Copper Booster
4ml of Dia Light Gold Booster
75mls of Dia Activatuer 9 vol

Apply evenly from root to tips and develop for 20 mins.

Shampoo twice with Metal Detox Shampoo and follow
with the Metal Detox Mask, leave for 5 mins.

Finish with a couple pumps of the Metal Detox
Concentrated Oil and Leave-In Cream for extra
protection and shine.


Key tips to protect your hair

1. Wet your hair with fresh water before swimming in the pool or sea to help reduce the amount of chlorine or saltwater your hair absorbs.
2. Wear a swimming cap to protect your hair from the damaging effects of chlorine in the pool.
3. Rinse your hair with fresh water immediately after swimming in the pool or sea to remove any salt or chlorine residue.
4. Use the Metal Detox Shampoo and Mask daily to help keep hair hydrated and strong, and to neutralise the metals found in chlorine
5. Use Metal Detox cream regularly throughout the day to protect the hair from harmful UVA rays*, and you’ll have the added benefit of anti humidity!* 



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