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Say hello to the Esthetix Dolcevita™ collection

Introducing Esthetix Dolecvita, a name that embodies the essence of a ‘sweet life,’ and a line that celebrates the seamless fusion of elegance, functionality, and creativity. Inspired by the very concept of La Dolce Vita - a phrase deeply ingrained in the Italian culture to signify the good life filled with pleasures and indulgence - the Dolecvita range of salon furniture mirrors not just a lifestyle, but an art form.

Our new Dolecvita collection reflects the rich heritage and romantic charm of mid 20thcentury Italy, capturing the luxuriousness and sensual delight that have long defined the nation's culture.


Esthetix Luna lash/brow chair

Upholstered in premium quality PU leather with luxury gold coloured stainless steel trim and base, this studio chair features a reclining fluted, stitched padded back, with solid curved padded armrests. With an additional neck rest, specifically designed for beauty treatments, this Esthetix studio chair is both practical and elegant.


Esthetix Bella salon chair

Define your salon and on-trend appeal with this stylish salon chair. Crafted from wipe clean, PU leather with a subtle ribbed design, this beautiful chair is perfect for busy beauty salons, offering an ultra-luxurious feel.

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Esthetix Arabella electric couch

Add a touch of elegance and on trend style to your salon with this exceptionally chic electric beauty bed. Designed with style and practicality in mind, this beautiful treatment bed is suitable for performing a wide range of professional beauty treatments, from soothing facials to rejuvenating massages.


Esthetix Rosa beauty chair

Transform your salon into a luxurious haven of elegance and style with this modern beauty chair by Esthetix. Perfect for performing a wide range of professional beauty treatments, from refining the brows to lengthening the lashes, this gorgeous beauty chair is an excellent choice for your beauty salon.


Esthetix Serena styling chair

Upholstered in premium quality PU leather with luxury gold coloured stainless steel trim and base, this hairdresser chair features a fluted, stitched padded back, with solid curved padded armrests. With an ultra low back rest, specifically designed for hairdressing, this Esthetix styling chair is both practical and pretty

From the lavish chairs designed with a perfect blend of comfort and style to the functional workstations crafted to empower nail technicians, each piece embodies the spirit of La Dolce Vita. The meticulous attention to detail, matched with a timeless design aesthetic, ensures that Dolecvita is synonymous with high-end quality.

Crafted to meet the diverse needs of the professional hair and beauty industry, the Dolecvita range transforms salons into a haven where creativity meets luxury. The textures, the colours, and the materials used in this collection are not just a tribute to the Italian flair for fashion and design but a testament to the pursuit of excellence that drives the modern beauty industry.


How can Esthetix furniture improve my business? 

With quality products that help you stay on trend; you’ll find everything you need to create a stylish and comfortable atmosphere in your salon with the new Dolcevita range. Entice new customers into your salon with a modern, glamorous salon makeover that will inspire you and your staff to perform high-quality treatments and leave your clients feeling incredible.

Top-quality salon furniture is not only good for your clients, it’s good for your staff too. Giving your colleagues a beautiful environment with comfortable salon furniture will empower them to work wonders on your clients’ as a result.

Clients will be impressed and want to keep coming back to a salon that looks so good it could be straight out of a magazine. The quality and comfort of your salon’s furniture is a key factor in shaping your client’s experience. Invest in gorgeous Dolcevita furniture and clients will be desperate to get back for their next appointment.

In today’s social media age, one of the big pulls to get people to visit a business is a beautiful decor. A decor that’s not only elegant but ‘Instagram-worthy’ and encourages clients to take pictures online and share them with their followers. Beautiful decor is not just a superficial luxury anymore. It is a way to stand out online, to attract new clients who will find your photos, and to encourage your existing clients to share their salon experience on social media. 

In essence, Dolecvita is more than furniture; it's an experience. Each piece is affirmation to those rare moments in life when elegance meets pleasure, and creativity finds its perfect expression. It's where stylists and clients alike can enjoy the richness of a sweet life, even in the everyday.

The Dolecvita range of salon furniture invites you to experience beauty in its most refined form. It's not just about creating a pleasing environment; it's about enriching the salon experience, allowing clients to relish in the simple luxury that makes life truly sweet. Experience the Esthetix Dolecvita collection today, and bring La Dolce Vita into your salon space.

What furniture is in the range? 

The Esthetix Dolcevita range of salon furniture is now available exclusively at Ellisons is ready to bring effortless creativity and elegance to your salon. Choose from the luxurious range of professional salon chairs, couches, stools and more to give your salon a sensational restyle. Below, we’ve picked 5 hero products, and you can also check out the brand page to discover the full range.

Thank you for reading our blog introducing Dolcevita furniture, we hope you have found it useful and you now feel just as excited as we are about this stunning collection. For more interesting content on the nail and beauty industry, feel free to check out the Ellisons Blog where you can find blogs such as ‘How to create marble nails’ and ‘5 self-care tips for beauty professionals’.

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