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How to communicate with your clients during Covid-19

It has never been more important to maintain open communication with your clients. As we navigate the changing Coronavirus guidance, read our tips for keeping clients informed, reassured and feeling valued throughout this journey.

  1. Be a clear and reliable source in a time of uncertainty
  2. Remember to update information across every channel
  3. Show that you’re hygienically prepared
  4. Continue to provide your expertise
  5. Preview behind the scenes developments and build excitement
  6. Don’t hesitate to provide a different kind of service
  7. Allow clients to support you too


1. Be a clear and reliable source in a time of uncertainty

The Government’s guidance on reopening hair and beauty salons is developing as they respond to the everchanging situation. While we wait and react, it is important to discuss this directly with your clients.

Staying on top of the news and giving informed updates can reassure clients that they’ll be the first to know when you’re up and running. As they get restless for their next cut, manicure or spray tan, they won’t need to look at competitors because you’ve proven that you’ll be there for them.

2. Remember to update information across every channel

Minimise confusion and maintain a consistent message by checking that your availability and preferred contact details have been updated on your website, social media, answerphone and in salon if possible.

Firstly, this is helpful to inform clients if you don’t currently have capacity to monitor every platform. Also, it avoids the disappointment of regulars thinking that they can finally have their favourite treatment again when, in fact, they’re reading outdated information.

3. Show that you’re hygienically preparedNail salon PPE and hygiene.

It is very powerful to soothe clients’ concerns as we experience a heightened awareness of hygiene. Your communication is an opportunity to put your best foot forward and reassure that you’re being proactive.

Now is a good time to post a photo or video of your latest PPE and hygiene delivery and explain the product choices you have made. Perhaps you’ve selected a multipurpose disinfectant that can sanitise every tool and surface. Maybe you have ensured that your hand gel is effectively formulated with a high percentage of alcohol. Having sufficient supplies of disposable gloves, aprons and wipes suggests that you are prepared to help protect against cross contamination. If your furniture is looking in need of an update, refurbishment can help to emphasise your practices and the importance you place on pristine cleanliness.

As restrictions ease, show your diligence with images of socially distanced work stations, 2m floor markings and adaptions such as protective screens. Familarise followers with new procedures that are in place to protect both themselves and therapists – hand washing on arrival and departure, protective face masks and shields during treatments and contactless payment.

Read our guide to safely reopening your salon for further advice.

4. Continue to provide your expertiseOnline beauty tutorials.

This is the time to build even more engagement on social media as people look for guidance on hair and beauty maintenance. Clients will appreciate the prevention of any DIY mistakes and your business will benefit in the long-term if this sought-after content persuades them to follow your account. Your marketing messages will then appear in new followers’ feeds so that you can connect with them in future.

Capture the zeitgeist with tutorials on popular topics such as removing gel manicures, trimming fringes and operating clippers without causing accidental patches. Provide easy to perform solutions for salon treatments that are not amateur-friendly. For example clients must never use peroxide and developer without a qualification; instead recommend gentler alternatives such as root spray or semi-permanent dye.

Also, it could be smart to refocus the angle of your communications. Instead of encouraging customers to prepare for a special occasion or holiday, why not promote self-care at home? Help clients to feel their best on their next Zoom call with a new make-up technique. Allow them to embrace the summer season with a guide to achieving the perfect self tan to boost their sense of well-being.

5. Preview behind the scenes developments and build excitement

Updates can often be placed on the backburner when running a fast-paced business, but this quiet period is a chance to add value and set yourself apart.

If you’ve been getting creative or pursuing online training, share progress with your followers to capture their imagination ahead of their next treatment.

Come back stronger than ever with updated décor that makes your salon the aspirational place to be seen. From a complete makeover to new accent pieces, the refresh will create renewed enthusiasm among staff and enhance your clients’ treatment experience.

6. Don’t hesitate to provide a different kind of serviceReserving salon appointments.

As well as performing treatments, another important service you may provide is being a hub for the local community. Reach out with messages of empathy, support and positivity for anyone who may be missing the friendly chat of their regular appointment.

Consider sharing personal updates on how you’re occupying yourself and ask the same of clients. Perhaps, as a gesture of appreciation, you’d like to reserve some appointment slots for key workers so that they can book without having to worry about their demanding schedules. Being visible and approachable during this time can help to nurture strong, long-lasting relationships.

7. Allow clients to support you tooSalon retail

A wonderful side effect of this challenging time has been a renewed community spirit. Don’t be afraid to let your regulars know how they can support their local business. If you’re able to safely sell retail lines then expert product recommendations could revive one of your revenue streams.

Releasing a controlled number of gift vouchers for clients’ self-use or as presents for friends in need of a pick me up can offer a useful and immediate revenue stream, but do be aware that you’ll be likely to be busy on reopening which could mean giving up a paid for booking when the voucher is redeemed for a treatment.

Your most loyal clients may wish to register their details so that they can be notified when appointments become available. Gathering this information early can help to kickstart bookings and allow schedules to flourish.


Have you changed the way you’re communicating with clients during this time? Share everything that’s working well for you below.

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