How to

A selection of  ‘how to’ guides so that you can perform new techniques or activites that will help your business.

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Taking the trend of monochrome black and white, a beige is swapped for the white for a more contemporary look using the OPI® Lacquer range.

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How do you make sure that you maintain hygiene within your salon? In this guide we’ll cover the main ways that you or your colleagues could be spreading germs and how to do your utmost to prevent it.

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As it starts getting colder and there’s less sunshine, your clients with blonde hair may start to worry about ways to keep their natural or coloured hair brighter and blonder in between salon visits.

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Marble nails have been on trend for a couple of years now so we wanted to help you create this nail look with a simple step by step guide. Enjoy and let us know how you get on in the comments below or on our social media.

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A visit to the salon should be an enjoyable experience for every client, offering both relaxation and transformation. However, the prospect of a painful waxing treatment or a tragic spray tan could be enough to plant worry in a client’s mind.

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Hair colouring is one of the most requested salon services, with many clients hoping to update their appearance for a special occasion or a change in season.