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How to deal with a nervous client

How to deal with a nervous client

A visit to the salon should be an enjoyable experience for every client, offering both relaxation and transformation. However, the prospect of a painful waxing treatment or a tragic spray tan could be enough to plant worry in a client’s mind. It’s important that your client feels completely at ease before and during their treatment to ensure they can enjoy the service you are offering. Read our top tips below to ensure you can create a stress-free atmosphere for your client and ease any nerves they may have prior to their appointment.

Book a consultation

Consultations are an essential part of any salon service, whether you’re transforming your client’s hairstyle or enhancing their eyelashes. Ensure you arrange a consultation prior to your client’s appointment so you can confirm their desired look and provide the best finished results. During the consultation, you should also discuss what will happen during your client’s appointment. Confirming the process of the treatment, including the products you are going to use, will help put your client at ease and eliminate any fears of the unknown.

Provide treatment and aftercare literature

Many brands provide informative leaflets and posters that detail the treatments and products used, ensuring clients can consider any allergies or contraindications prior to their salon visit. This knowledge will help reassure nervous clients and allow them to relax during their treatment. It’s important that you also provide your client with aftercare advice if necessary. This will eliminate any worries they may have when leaving the salon.

Create a relaxing atmosphere

Atmosphere is an essential factor to consider when dealing with a nervous client. Aim to create a calm, inviting environment by offering refreshments during their salon visit. Friendly chit chat is also a great way to calm your client’s nerves and divert their mind from their worries. Discuss their upcoming treatment and repeat their requests to confirm that you know exactly what look they’re hoping to achieve. This will help them to trust you and will reassure them that you know what you’re doing.

Post your past work on social media

Every professional knows the importance of social media. Not only is it a great way to advertise your business but it is also the perfect chance to show off your work. Post photos of your treatment results, whether it’s a manicure you’re particularly proud of or a hair transformation your client couldn’t stop raving about. Advise any nervous clients to check out your social media pages prior to their visit to allow them to view what you’re capable of. Seeing your finished work will reassure them of your talent and will confirm the fact that they’re in good hands.

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