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How to maintain your blonde hair in between salon visits

As it starts getting colder and there's less sunshine, your clients with blonde hair may start to worry about ways to keep their natural or coloured hair brighter and blonder in between salon visits. Here are a few tips and advice to offer your clients so they can prolong their brightest blonde hair outside of the salon:

Wash your hair less often

Washing your hair regularly might leave your hair feeling more refreshed, but in the long run, your client’s hair colour will fade so much quicker. Try suggesting a dry shampoo for your clients to use in between washes to help maintain their hair colour. A good one to recommend is the UniqONE™ dry shampoo which they can use at home to refresh and revive the hair, whilst adding volume and most importantly, helping to preserve their colour. 

Use a blonde shampoo and conditioner

To help your client’s hair achieve brighter blonder results immediately after they leave the salon, use a blonde shampoo to wash their hair. To maintain their colour, recommend a blonde shampoo which they can use at home in between salon visits. The SERIE EXPERT blondifier range by L’Oréal Professionnel is perfect for your clients who want to maintain their brightest blonde hair. If your client’s hair has been colour-treated and is a cool blonde shade, recommend the SERIE EXPERT blondifier cool shampoo, which also comes in a 300ml retail bottle.

It helps to brighten the look of hair, whilst getting rid of those undesired yellow tones which over time, can be found in blonde shades. If your client’s hair is a natural or colour-treated blonde, the blondifier gloss shampoo by SERIE EXPERT is the one, which also comes in a 300ml retail size which your clients can use at home. It gently cleanses, whilst illuminating blonde shades and enhancing multidimensional shine, perfect to help maintain your client’s blonde hair. Recommending a colour-safe shampoo for your clients ensures that hair colour doesn’t fade and keeps your tone vibrant. Make sure to also recommend using a blonde conditioner after shampooing, which you can use in the salon. SERIE EXPERT blondifier conditioner by L’Oréal Professionnel is a great choice for maintaining blonde hair colour, which also comes in a 200ml retail size for them to take home. This helps to enhance the radiance of your client's hair, whilst leaving it feeling soft and well-nourished.

Keep it hydrated

For many clients striving to achieve that perfect shade of blonde, hair can be stripped of many oils and nutrients which can leave it feeling and looking dry. Deep conditioning treatments are an essential for colour-treated hair. A colour-care hair mask is a great alternative to conditioner, which can be used in the salon or for your clients to use at home when their hair needs an extra bit of TLC. Our favourite is the SERIE EXPERT blondifier mask, which not only helps to replenish the hair fibre and give some extra nourishment, but it also enhances the radiance of blonde hair.

Avoid washing hair in hot water

This is a trick that every one of your clients can benefit from, whether they have blonde hair or not. When your clients are washing their hair, advise them to finish rinsing their hair with cool water. This helps to close the hair cuticles, promote shine and reduce colour fade.

Protect hair colour from the sun and heat

Although summer is over, it's still important to tell your clients to protect their hair from the sun. Much to everyone's surprise, the sun actually does the opposite effect of brightening blonde hair. Even on cloudy days, UV rays are present which contribute in breaking down hair colour and can turn blonde hair into brassy shades of orange. Recommending SERIE EXPERT blondifier cool shampoo for your clients to use at home will help to get rid of brassy tones from the sun. The same can be said for heating products, like hair dryers and straighteners, so stray away from these as much as you can! They can cause your client's hair cuticles to be stripped, which means hair loses important nutrients and reduces shine. To help your client's maintain their colour, suggest using heat styling products every once in a while, and give them tips to style their hair differently, i.e. in a bun or braid. Try also recommending a heat protecting spray to help reduce heat damage to the hair. For example, SERIE EXPERT solar sublime protection spray by L’Oréal Professionnel helps to protect hair during sun and heat exposure. This light, leave-in mist is also formulated with Mexoryl, which prevents hair feeling dry and helps it look conditioned, healthy and shiny.

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