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Discover the complete professional My Beautiful Eyes system

What is My Beautiful Eyes?

Constantly evolving and at the forefront of industry trends, My Beautiful Eyes is a brand that allows therapists to completely transform the eye area. This comprehensive range of tinting, eyebrow waxing, eyelash extensions and perming has been developed to meet every client’s need.

Modern, busy lifestyles can often limit time for the selfcare needed to feel our best – why not offer longer lasting beauty solutions that leave your clients free from the hassle of daily maintenance and deliver fuss free glamour for special occasions?


Why is it unique for professionals?

My Beautiful Eyes treatment results

Every part of the Mybrows and Mylash sub brands are designed to be modular. This means that each fantastic treatment can be performed as a standalone and work harmoniously with others. Such flexibility allows you to seamlessly expand your menu as your business develops and grows. Complement existing beauty, nails and wellbeing services so that clients can enjoy enhanced and diverse experiences at every appointment.

Excellent value is integral to My Beautiful Eyes. It’s curated exclusively for professionals. High quality products are carefully formulated with the needs of mobile, salon professional in mind. This dedication offers accessible pricing which will deliver repeat treatments and make a contribution to your bottom line. From tweezers to dyes, adhesive and individual lashes, every essential is available to deliver low cost per treatment, high return on investment and flawless client satisfaction.


Which treatments best suit my business and clients?

Discover which treatments will complement your existing skills, help to develop your menu and deliver outstanding results for your clients.

MybrowsMybrows kit with heater

  • Treatment time: 1 hour initially, 45 minutes for 5 follow-ups
  • Wear time: 4 to 6 weeks
  • Cost per treatment: From £1.30
  • Treatment price: £35.00

Designed to define, contour and enhance the eyebrows and give balance to clients’ facial features. Mybrows combines the popular techniques of threading, waxing, tweezing and tinting so that results can be customised.

These core skills allow a wide range of mobile, salon and spa therapists to perform these treatments with confidence. Encourage your clients to make this treatment part of their regular regime and enjoy strong repeat business every 4 to 6 weeks.

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Mylash lift

Mylash lift kit

  • Treatment time: 45 minutes
  • Wear time: Up to 6 weeks
  • Cost per treatment: From £8.53
  • Treatment price: £40.00

Master the illusion of longer, thicker lashes without the maintenance of eyelash extensions. Straighten, lift and darken natural lashes to improve the overall definition of the eye for up to 6 weeks of high impact, natural-looking results.

The simplicity of this treatment makes it ideal even as an addition to spa menus. Natural lashes are bonded to silicone pads before lifting, setting and nourishing solutions are applied.

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Mylash professional

Mylash professional/express kit

  • Treatment time: 1.5 hours for natural look, 2 hours for full look
  • Wear time: 3 months with infills
  • Cost per treatment: From £3.50
  • Treatment price: £55.00 for natural look, £65.00 for full look

Mylash professional is a traditional lash on lash eyelash extension treatment which can last up to 3 months. Different looks can be easily achieved with Mylash professional eyelash extensions; from a natural look to a full, glamorous look. A wide range of widths, lengths and curls are available to suit every lash type. The treatment takes approximately an hour and a half.

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Mylash express

Mylash professional/express kit

  • Treatment time: 25 minutes for natural look, 40 minutes for full look
  • Wear time: Up to 2 weeks
  • Cost per treatment: From £3.50
  • Treatment price: £40.00 for natural look, £45.00 minutes for full look

Mylash express is a fast, semi-permanent eyelash extension treatment which takes from only 25 minutes to perform. Individual lashes are applied to more than one natural lash at a time. The look is similar to lash on lash treatments without the 2 hour appointment.

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Mylash volume

Mylash volume kit

  • Treatment time: 1 hour for natural look, 1.5 hours for full look
  • Wear time: Up to 6 weeks
  • Cost per treatment: From £8.36
  • Treatment price: £55.00 for natural look, £65.00 for full look

Mylash volume is ideal for clients hoping to achieve a full volume lash look. Synthetic, pre-made 3D fans are placed onto the individual natural lashes to create volume. The 3D fans are pre-loaded onto strips to enable a faster application than regular lash extension treatments. They create a fuller, fluffier result and are extremely light and soft, ensuring comfortable wear for the client. There are a range of lengths and curls available, so a bespoke look can be designed for each client in approximately 1 hour.

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Mylash instant

Mylash volume kit

  • Treatment time: 15 minutes
  • Wear time: 1 day
  • Cost per treatment: From £3.15
  • Retail: £4.99

Mylash instant are comfortable and effective false lashes, especially hand made for the perfect natural look. Lightweight on a thin and subtle band, these are perfect for adding definition during a make-up appointment or for offering as a retail solution. This high quality and cost effective option is on trend and has brilliantly wide appeal.

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How can Ellisons support my My Beautiful Eyes treatments?

Ellisons and My Beautiful Eyes

We offer a package of support as well as additional products and resources that can be purchased to make the most of your investment.

Kits and replenishment products

We understand the time and investment that goes into launching a new treatment. Therefore, we stock complete, mistake-free kits that include essential equipment, tools and replenishable products. Such as the Mybrows starter kit, Mylash lift kit, and Mylash volume kit. Efficient and cost effective, swiftly restock lashes, silicone pads, and tints when required.

Retail opportunities

The benefits of selling a coordinated retail range are threefold. Firstly, products such as the My Beautiful Eyes lash and brow conditioner help clients to maintain their results for even greater satisfaction. Secondly, tailor made cosmetics like the Mylash mascara for lash extensions encourage brand loyalty even between appointments. Ultimately, these shopping opportunities generate a more passive revenue stream that is not limited by the capacity of your schedule.

Marketing materials

Spark instant excitement in clients by ensuring that they hear first about your latest treatments. Beautifully designed posters, window vinyls and appointment cards make an unforgettable impression and, potentially, an overflowing appointment book.

Customer support

Our friendly and informed customer service teams are available to help you with any queries. Please call us on +44 (0)345 222 8080 Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm, or email [email protected].


What training opportunities does the Ellisons Academy offer?

Our online training platform allows you to earn accredited qualifications anytime, anywhere and at your own pace. Work through engaging practical and theory modules with our educators providing personal support through emails, calls or video calls. The Academy is commercially focused to develop your skills and grow your business. 

Mylash expressTNG36ON

Master semi-permanent lash enhancements with up to 2 weeks wear by earning accreditation from the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM). Offer busy clients beautiful results in just 30 minutes.


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Mylash liftTNG76ON

Create the illusion of longer, thicker lashes for clients desiring a low maintenance lash enhancement.

  • Pre-requisites: Eye treatments Level 2 or equivalent
  • Certification: Ellisons Academy certificate in Mylash lift
  • Required kit: LL018 Mylash lift kit


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Mylash professionalTNG34ON

From natural looks to full glamour, qualify in our signature lash on lash extension treatment. Customise lash widths, lengths and curls for up to 12 weeks of wear.


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Designed with intention, the My Beautiful Eyes brand is dedicated to the art of perfect lashes and brows. Explore the innovative ranges, become inspired and be empowered by our professional support throughout.

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