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How to manage a successful beauty blog

In a world predominantly digital it makes sense that the most successful marketing avenue is online. A beauty/business blog is the ideal platform to make your audience aware of your presence in the beauty industry.

It is the perfect form of expression for you to write content you are passionate about. It’s a way for you to interact and engage with your clients, potential clients and partners. Some of the most popular topical posts on beauty blogs are informative of new product launches, beauty advice and current trends.

Being active and engaging is crucial in building and maintaining your audience. Your audience want to feel involved and to feel they can trust your reviews. Knowing they can come to you for honest opinions is invaluable for your business.

It is important to promote your blog and the best way to do this is by joining other social media channels. As your audience varies in age this may depend which social media platform they find most appealing and frequently engage with. Whilst interacting with similar accounts you are making yourselves known within the community- the best way to enhance your audience and to create interest around your content.

You have to nurture your blog like you would nurture your relationship, it takes commitment and effort to produce quality content, and this way you will get the best out of it. The saying we all know and love “you get out what you put in” runs extremely true. Depending on what you’re aiming to get out of your blog helps you to identity and establish key business goals. You want your blog to do well and the best way to do this is to put your energy and commitment into your content. It’s essential to establish both brand-centered and reader-centered goals in order for you to gear your content to mirror these aims and fully understand your blog’s purpose.


Ensure your content is both relevant and useful to your audience in order to maintain their interest and attention. Consistency is the heart of blogging. Your readers will soon pick up on your schedule and will check back at the same time when you are posting that week. You will know you are successful in this when you start to see loyal readers as everyone loves routine and knowing what to expect. This is key to hook your audience. You need to create and implement a content plan which takes into consideration how many posts you can realistically produce a week. Remember quality over quantity. If you’re rolling out content for the sake of it your readers will pick up on this and begin to lose interest.

Creating valuable content regularly will give you the best results, in turn you will see rewards as a result of your engrossing content. The most efficient way of ensuring you stick to a schedule is to create an editorial calendar, this is especially important if you have more than one blog writer. This ensures everyone is aware of what content is going live that week or month and enables effective time management skills. An acting virtual to-do list if you like.

With regards to blog writers it is important to identify them and who will act as the primary contributors. You could hire writers externally or use the talent you have existing in your business. Here at Ellisons the digital marketing team are extremely passionate about our brand and our products and we hope this shines through in our content. As it is our job to be in touch with our target market it makes sense that we provide the content for our audience from our professional point of view. This is all part of your blog strategy. The q

Beauty blogger

uality of the writing is fundamental and with the right writers this will be achieved to a high standard.

Developing your blog’s brand is paramount. The right layout is important as this is how your readers navigate around your blog and find relevant and recent posts. If they are searching for something in particular it is useful to have a search tool near the top of the page. Your blogs colour scheme, design and style is a reflection on your brand or business and it is important you get your brand’s personality and style guide right. These are all important factors to consider when revising your blog. Once your content is written it’s time to promote and market your posts as best you can, ensuring the maximum amount of people have chance to view it. The more social media platforms you have the easier it will be for you to reach a broad audience.

We hope you found these tips helpful, whether you’re new to the blogging community or you are a long-term writer, hopefully you will take something away.

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