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Nail psychology - What do your nails say about you?

The more time we spend with clients, the more we get to know about their routines and habits. We'll know that certain clients will opt for a classic red and others a sophisticated french manicure.

It’s time to find out the psychology behind the nails, what do your nails say about you?

The biters

According to Dr. Kieron O’Connor, professor of psychiatry at The University of Montreal, nail biters are likely to be perfectionists who find it hard to relax. These clients need a good pamper, suggest the BeautyPro Hand therapy mask for whilst you are making their nails look beautiful to restore moisture and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Glitter is always a fun choice and an extremely popular choice for this season. This client is fun, friendly and fashionable.


Black nail polish was previously related to Goth and Punk culture, but more recently, black polish has become more mainstream. The client who opts for black is cool, without needing to follow trends, individual and strong.


Light blue tones tend to mean your client is cool and calm, someone friends can rely upon. Darker tones, like a midnight blue can be an exciting alternative to a classic, think LBD with a twist.


This client likes to stand out from the crowd. They are brave, unique and optimistic.


Orange nails ooze excitement. This vibrant colour will grab everyone's attention. A great choice for a fun holiday in the sun.

Reference: Global young voices.

Nail psychology - What do your nails say about you?


A classic red is a popular choice, with shades and undertones to suit all ages and skin tones. A red manicure is for a confident, mature client that may be feeling a little bit flirty. They are feeling bold, glamorous and is always sophisticated.

French manicure

A classic, safe choice, the french manicure can be enjoyed by all but is usually opted for by glamorous, traditional clients.


A nude polish always looks super classy and sophisticated. The client who opts for a nude is usually fashionable and professional.


Clients who opt for pale pink shades are usually very feminine, classy and like to play it safe. Those who choose a brighter or darker shade tend to be more playful, confident and spontaneous.


An artistic twist on a pale pink, this client is likely to be feeling very feminine but is also very creative and individual, they like to be different without standing out too much.

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