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The ‘green beauty’ revolution: how you can play your part

As the world around us changes and environmental issues become more apparent many clients will look to reduce their impact on the environment in any way they can. This has already had an impact on the beauty industry, with the so called ‘green beauty’ trend becoming more and more popular.

So here are a few tips to help you offer the same great service to your clients, whilst reducing your carbon footprint and doing your bit to combat climate change.

Shop greener

As well as ensuring your consumable supplies are eco-friendly, you can do the same for other items as well. Swapping out disposable shoulder capes or gowns, and instead opting for towels or material robes will not only prove more environmentally friendly but may also save you money. This small change can have a big impact on a client who is looking or a more eco-friendly experience.

Also, doing some background research on the brands and products you use will also impress and reassure clients. Opting for products that use natural or organic ingredients is much will be less environmentally damaging and can lead to a better treatment overall.

At Ellisons, we stock some of the most environmentally friendly brands in the world, including L’Oréal and Scrummi with both companies having been recognised in the media for their ‘green’ philosophy.

The ‘green beauty’ revolution: how you can play your part

Reduce landfill waste

You can take the first step on your eco-friendly journey by ethically purchasing ethically produced consumable supplies such as cotton buds, couch protectors and face wipes, or by ensuring they are biodegradable. 

Here at Ellisons we have a range of products that are designed to support therapists who wish to reduce their environmental impact whilst not compromising on hygiene, convenience or performance.

This includes hand cleanser and wax strips that are manufactured in a less environmentally damaging fashion, to applicators and brushes that are designed to be recycled once used. Using these products will reassure your clients that you are making a positive effort to help the environment.

Not only that, but some brands, such as natura®, use recycled packaging which helps to reduce the carbon footprint of their products all the way through their lifecycle.

Spend a little, gain a lot

Sometimes a small investment can pay off in the long run, and that is definitely the case when it comes to transforming your salon into an eco-friendly business. Environmentally friendly options can even start to save you money further down the line.

Buying a few extra towels and other washable items will mean that you will be able to go longer without putting the washing machine on. This will both help the environment and your pocket by reducing your CO2 emissions and electricity usage.

In the current circumstances, disposable PPE is a huge expense for businesses and a burden on the environment with refuse such as discarded masks littering the streets and ending up in landfill. Choosing plastic face shields or machine washable face masks will cost more up front, but will also reduce both your environmental impact, and monthly outgoings.

The public’s attitude towards to the environment is changing and clients are becoming far more aware of their own impact, as well as the impact of the businesses they use in their day to day lives. By making your business more eco-friendly, you can save money and impress clients at the same time, all whilst retaining the high level of service and care they respect and enjoy from you.

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