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What are the benefits of silver shampoo?

Having silver or grey toned hair is all the rage this year. With A-list celebrities like Cara Delavigne and Kim Kardashian-West hopping onto the trend, you can be sure that fans will follow. Silver and grey tones have been appearing on a day-to-day basis since 2018.

Today, it is more than just a trend, a high percentage of people are either colouring their hair the brightest shade possible or rocking their naturally bright shade. However, the cardinal rule of keeping up bright shades is maintenance. Silver shampoo is perfect for maintaining a bright and vibrant shade and this blog will explain exactly why.

What is silver shampoo?

How does silver shampoo work?


Silver shampoo is designed to maintain vibrancy in grey or silver hair. Purple is opposite yellow on the colour wheel, this means the deep purple formula in the silver shampoo targets and eliminates yellow tones and brassiness to liven up the bright shades. This is relevant for both coloured and natural hair. Naturally grey hair can develop yellow tones from environmental factors such as wind, rain and pollution. Depending on how long you leave your shampoo in, any shade can be developed from a honey blonde to the coolest white.

What is the difference between purple and silver shampoo?

Purple shampoo is designed for those trying to maintain bright blonde tones. Purple shampoo neutralises brassiness but enhances blonde pigmentation. To maintain a silver shade, your shampoo requires a stronger colour neutralisation. Silver shampoo is formulated with deeper purple pigments to target yellow tones in a much stronger way. The key to maintaining a silver hue is through constant use of silver shampoo. You can advance into brighter shades with extended use of silver shampoo. While silver shares purple pigmentation with a day-to-day purple shampoo, its stronger colour neutralisation ensures bright shades go further than blonde.

Benefits of silver shampoo?silver-shampoo-salon

All blondes know that achieving that luxurious blonde or bright silver takes time to achieve. Silver and purple shampoos have many benefits to help maintain healthy, luxurious hair and to arrive at that tone you’ve worked for so long to achieve.

Silver shampoo doesn’t need to be used too regularly

Silver shampoo is formulated in a way that it should only be used once or twice a week and should not replace a regular shampoo. There is such a thing as too much purple, overuse of these shampoos can leave an unwanted purple tint to your client’s hair. While this is not permanent and will wash out, it’s more economical and affordable to restrict the silver shampoo to once a week and advise your clients to use regular shampoo on every other occasion. Silver shampoo is a perfect retail item in your salon, so you can help your clients maintain their blonde hue at home. Equally, it can be used in-chair to refresh your clients shade.

Go from blonde to silver without colouringsilver-shampoo-short-hair

If your client’s hair is naturally light blonde, or treated, the use of silver shampoo can enhance the tones and leave them with a bright white or silver appearance. Start by using the shampoo as directed on the bottle to slowly enhance your client’s shade. Over time, you can evenly brighten their shade. Silver shampoos can be kept on the hair for a minute or two longer than regular shampoo to enhance the colour. Do take the time to advise your clients that this should only be carried out once a week to prevent the hair from developing an unwanted purple tint and to always follow the recommended instructions. Be sure to maintain these standards in your salon as well.

Can repair damage from environmental factors

Hair is easily damaged from pollution, smoke, chlorine and UV rays. While there are a number of ways for your clients to avoid such environmental factors, like wearing hats, this is not always possible. Occassional use of silver shampoo can repair the tones in the hair restoring your client’s hair to the shade they initially desired without excessive brightening.

Where can I purchase silver shampoo?

Here at Ellisons, we stock a range of silver shampoos including OSMO®, SERIE EXPERT, Blue frosting and Indola Innova. All of which are professionally formulated to ensure you can provide your clients with the brightest shade. So, add some of these products to your next order today to achieve that vibrant shade that’s so in-style right now.

What products should I use?

OLAPLEX NO.4-P bond maintenance purple shampooOPX022-edited-sizeRJuy7pcCOI9Lj

The OLAPLEX patented ingredient, bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, has revolutionised the hair industry as it can help repair fragile bonds, leaving behind strong and smooth hair. This is what makes the OLAPLEX No.4-P shampoo perfect for lightened or bleached hair, as it helps to maintain the desired cool tones while removing unwanted yellow or warm hues.
The restorative formula will also repair and protect your client’s hair from any damage caused by chemical, thermal and environmental factors.The OLAPLEX No.4-P bond maintenance purple shampoo is sulphate free, paraben free, phthalate free, gluten free, cruelty free, colour safe and vegan, making it the ultimate addition to your professional hair salon. 

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Serie Expert silver shampooLORSE020-edited

L’Oréal’s Serie Expert silver shampoo keeps lightened hair looking fresh by eliminating yellow and brassy tones. This shampoo uses clarifying ingredients such as violet dyes and magnesium to preserve the brightness in blonde and grey hair, while nourishing agents ensure your client’s hair feels luscious and soft after every wash.

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Fudge clean blonde violet toning shampooFDG029-edited

The Fudge violet toning shampoo will allow your client to wave goodbye to dull and brassy tones and provide the blonde shades of their dreams. This incredible formula cleanses the hair and scalp while infusing with moisture and violet pigment. Simply lather on and leave for up to 5 minutes for a clean and professional result.

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OSMO super silver no yellow shampooOSMO813YGn7lRNdRYRpH

Enhance and brighten your client’s shade with the OSMO super silver no yellow shampoo. With an intense purple formula, you can easily remove unwanted yellow hues from your client’s hair. Your clients will feel fresh and appreciate an even appearance on their super lightened, grey or bleached hair. Brighten your shade day by day with this every day use shampoo, the perfect addition to any salon.

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BC pH4.5 color silver shampooBCB042LDJwJi6Fr7E0q

This pigmented micellar shampoo is perfectly suited to clients with cool colour tones. Eradicate brassy yellow tones and introduce more natural tones. The gentle formula cleanses the hair and scalp while strengthening hair structure by optimising the pH level to 4.5. A formula like this adds a cendré to white hair and light bases, making it the perfect addition to any salon or spa.

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OSMO silverising shampoo and conditioner duoOSMO174nvypC42XpDrmB

The OSMO silverising shampoo and conditioner duo eliminates yellow tones in the hair with its deep purple formula. Refresh your blonde colour by including the nourishing conditioner. Adds extra shine and radiance to grey hair.

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