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What is Phd™ Safewax?

In today’s blog we will be finding out from Louise Moore, Ellisons Head of academy and online training why adding the Phd™ Safewax waxing system to your treatment menu is guaranteed to enhance the quality of your waxing service, as well as increase the success of your business.

What is Phd™ Safewax?

Phd Safewax is an innovative waxing system that allows waxologists to remove unwanted hair with ease and efficiency. The key feature of Phd Safewax is that it offers a patented disposable waxing head that allows you to perform a fast smooth treatment without using spatulas, making it free from the risk of client cross-contamination caused by double dipping or flow back. By adopting Phd Safewax in your professional beauty salon you can be confident of delivering exceptional standards of hygiene and client satisfaction.

5 reasons why you should offer Phd™ Safewax

Offer your clients a fast, smooth, effective and above all safe waxing treatment with Phd Safewax:

1) Phd™ Safewax is the only waxing system that reduces the risk of cross contamination, making it more hygienic than traditional methods of waxing.

2) Phd™ Safewax is quick and easy to apply and remove, ensuring shorter treatment times.

3) This system creates less waste, with no need for disposable spatulas or one-use plastics.

4) It is suitable for all clients and all waxing treatments, with three different sized applicator heads available to suit larger body parts and smaller, intimate areas.

5) The thin application of the wax is economic for your business and makes the treatment less painful for your client.

What is Phd™ Safewax?

Will Phd™ Safewax allow me to perform different waxing services? 

Phd Safewax features a full selection of high-quality waxes and a choice of pre- and post-waxing lotions and gels, wax strips, intimate wipes and more. With a professional wax suitable for every hair type you will be able to offer this treatment to every client, whether they have tough, stubborn hairs or sensitive skin.

What types of Phd Safewax wax should I use?

Natural crème wax

This is ideal for intimate waxing, the Phd™ Safewax natural crème wax is completely odourless, making it perfect for sensitive areas and delicate skin types.

Tea tree crème wax

Great for sensitive skin types, the tea tree crème wax soothes the skin and promotes fast healing, while helping to reduce post-waxing redness. With a relaxing fragrance, this calming wax is ideal for any client with delicate skin.

Honey wax

Versatile honey wax is suitable for use on all areas, from leg waxing to eyebrow waxing. This superior quality wax spreads evenly and thinly onto the skin for perfect results every time.

What can I expect from the Phd™ Safewax training course? 

The Phd Safewax system is for new and experienced wax therapists, this system will allow you to offer a premium, safe and hygienic wax service, whilst reducing treatment times due to the efficient application and removal technique. You will work though the modules at your own pace, answering the end of module examinations to test your learning. You are required to submit a practical demonstration of yourself using the Phd system which will be assessed by an Ellisons educator.

Aims and outcomes of the course

This course is designed to ensure you:

  • Maintain safe and effective methods of working when providing a Phd Safewax waxing treatment
  • Effectively consult, plan and prepare for the treatment with clients
  • Understand how the Phd Safewax system works and what applicator heads are appropriate for the treatment you are performing
  • Understand and perform the procedure required for a Phd Safewax waxing treatment
  • Ensure you are confident when using the system on various areas of the body
  • Recognise the features and benefits of the treatment
  • Identify opportunities for your business
  • Understand the importance of aftercare and communicating this effectively to clients

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