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What you can learn from some of the best beauty salons on Instagram

There has recently been extensive media coverage about the changing landscape of high street and offline businesses. While traditional retail stores must compete with the lower prices and vast choice that the internet offers, hair and beauty experts have the unique opportunity to deliver experiences that cannot be found elsewhere.

  1. Why is social media so important for my business?
  2. Nail technicians
  3. Hair stylists
  4. Eyebrow therapists

1. Why is social media so important for my business?

Allow us to introduce you to some inspiring professionals that master this destination shopping – creating a brand that’s so irresistible it transcends distance or cost. From creative nail technicians and beauty therapists to on-trend hair stylists, look at some of their most effective Instagram content for building engagement.


2. Nail technicians


Key thing to learn from: fashion driven lifestyle photography

The rich visual nature of Instagram is ideal for sharing your business’ unique identity and character. BhamBNails embrace their alternative aesthetic with street style inspired photography. This fashion styling frames quirky manicures as the ultimate accessory. Build your uniqueness to show like-minded clients that you can help them express themselves and feel their best.


Key thing to learn from: sharing team members’ personalities

NAF! Salon break the divide between technicians and clients by making their team central to their marketing. Shown as perfect representatives of their fun-loving brand, building employees personalities online helps to nurture customer relationships and loyalty.

Not only can regulars recommend your brand to their friends and family, but by being familiar with their favourite technician on a first name basis they can make an even more specific and persuasive recommendation.


Key thing to learn from: offering extra value by sharing knowledge

As well as Beauty Works by Amy sharing their highly intricate designs, they also offer guidance on how clients can best capture their own nails in photographs too. Of course, we look to professionals for their expertise and so any helpful knowledge gives added value to their services.

Explaining the perfect angles, apps and lighting can spark creativity for clients to share their latest manicures. We can also become community resources by sharing advice on aftercare, retail products or which treatments best suit different people’s needs.


3. Hair stylists


Key thing to learn from: aspirational influencer endorsement

Whilst we can’t all boast models and personalities like Alexa Chung as friends, celebrity stylist George Northwood reminds us of the power of influencer endorsements. Instagram is a wide-reaching, visual form of word of mouth – one off the most valuable forms of advertising.

Research local influencers for potential partnerships, gifting treatments or sponsoring posts in exchange for them to share their positive experience with followers. Alternatively, harness the power of existing clients by encouraging them to post their transformations and tagging your social handles.

Is your audience still seeking aspirational, celebrity credentials? Highlight the quality of your skills by recreating current iconic looks from red carpets, catwalks and music videos.


Key thing to learn from: fascinating transformation videos

Cardiff salon Hair Boutique help to emphasise the impact of slickly edited treatment videos. Taking viewers through each precise and skilled step, this content is both incredibly watchable and impressive. Emphasise the excellence of professional cuts and colours, deter clients from DIY experiments and inspire their next new hairstyle


4. Eyebrow therapists


Key thing to learn from: stylish interior design and photo opportunities

Sleek white marble, luxurious gold accents and beautiful floral displays make Nails & Brows Mayfair the true definition of the recent coinage ‘Instagrammable’. Familiar to far more people than have even had the opportunity to attend an appointment, the salon’s décor gives it a far-reaching appeal.

The promise of visually stimulating photo opportunities excites clients about documenting their experience. Mobile therapists can consider curating a stylish kit, branded business cards or even digital graphics for clients to use on their pictures for an envy-inducing aesthetic.


Key thing to learn from: before and after comparisons

Showcase the full benefits of your treatment menu by sharing before and after images for maximum impact. If potential clients can recognise their own areas of concern in pre-lamination, waxing, or henna photos, therapists can offer a solution with proven results.

This content is ideal for introducing new services or products that some people may be unfamiliar with. Easily show the unique selling points that explain why clients would benefit from either switching from or adding to their usual beauty maintenance.


As this selection of hair and beauty professionals show, there are some incredibly effective ways to emphasise your business’ unique identity. Speak with your clients to understand exactly why they value your brand over competitors or at-home alternatives. Popular, influential and easily accessible, Instagram is a fantastic resource for both inspiration and building your brand.

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