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Phd™ Safewax: an investment for your salon

The revolutionary Phd™ Safewax will allow you to offer a professional, hygienic and disposable waxing experience for your clients, ensuring effective results and a safe, contamination-free procedure. With a host of innovative equipment and high-quality products available from the brand, you will be able to provide the highest standard of hair removal for your clients in an efficient manner. Find out why adding this fantastic waxing system to your treatment menu is guaranteed to enhance the quality of your waxing service, as well as increase the success of your business.

What is Phd™ Safewax?

Phd™ Safewax is an innovative waxing system that allows waxologists to remove unwanted hair with ease and efficiency. As well as providing fast, long-lasting removal, Phd™ Safewax also reduces the risk of cross contamination from one client to another, ensuring you can offer exceptional standards of hygiene.

Why should I introduce Phd™ Safewax to my treatment menu?

1) Phd™ Safewax is the only waxing system that reduces the risk of cross contamination, making it more hygienic than traditional methods of waxing.

2) It is suitable for all clients and all waxing treatments, with three different sized applicator heads available to suit larger body parts and smaller, intimate areas.

3) This system features a fast heat up time, with tube waxes heating up in just 20 minutes.

4) Phd™ Safewax is quick and easy to apply and remove, ensuring shorter treatment times.

5) The thin application of the wax is economic for your business and makes the treatment less painful for your client.

Do Phd™ Safewax offer an extensive product range?

Phd product range

Alongside their selection of high-quality waxes, Phd™ Safewax also offer a variety of pre and post waxing lotions and gels, as well as a range of wax strips, intimate wipes and more. Due to their high-quality wax range, you will be able to offer this innovative treatment to every client, whether they have tough, stubborn hairs or sensitive skin.

Natural creme wax: Ideal for intimate waxing, the Phd™ Safewax natural creme wax is completely odourless, making it perfect for sensitive areas and delicate skin types.

Tea tree creme wax: Great for sensitive skin types, the tea tree creme wax soothes the skin and promotes fast healing, while helping to reduce post-waxing redness. With a beautiful fragrance, this calming wax is ideal for those with delicate skin.

Honey wax: The versatile honey wax is suitable for use on all areas, from leg waxing to eyebrow waxing. The superior quality wax spreads evenly and thinly onto the skin for perfect results every time.

What can I expect from the Phd™ Safewax training course?


Phd™ Safewax

Offer your clients a fast, smooth, and above all safe waxing service. Eliminate cross-contamination with the patented system.


Book Phd Safewax online training course


What costs should I consider before incorporating Phd™ Safewax into my business?


Cost per treatment is one of the most important factors to consider when introducing a new brand to your business. One Phd™ Safewax honey wax tube will allow you to perform 3.5 half leg wax treatments. Below, you can see the average cost to perform a half leg wax treatment:

One half leg wax treatment = average of 90p

Phd™ Safewax cotton strips – 8 strips = 20p

Phd™ Safewax original honey wax = 43p per service

Phd™ Safewax  original applicator = 27p


When considering pricing, you should carry out in-depth research to ensure you are charging your clients correctly. You should research the average price of waxing treatments in your area, as well as how much your direct competitors are charging for their waxing services.


It is best to focus your promotional activity around seasonal events, holidays and weddings. You will find that the demand for waxing treatments will increase during the summer, meaning you may need to promote the service more during winter. Take a look at some of our offer ideas below:

Loyalty cards: Offering client’s a discount after a certain amount of treatments ensures they continue to return to your salon and increases client loyalty.

Holiday/occasion packages: You could create a waxing package that will offer a variety of waxing treatments for a set price. For example, a holiday package could include leg, underarm and bikini waxing for one set price.

Discount on quieter days: Why not offer waxing treatments at a discounted price on your salon’s quietest day of trade? This will help draw in custom and may even help you gain new clients.

How can I make the most of my Phd™ Safewax equipment?

Phd Safewax heater

The Phd™ Safewax heater system houses all of the essential products needed to perform the waxing treatment in one compact workstation. As well as effectively heating the Phd™ Safewax wax tubes, this comprehensive system also includes a number of compartments to hold essential products and supplies, allowing you to have easy access to everything needed to offer the waxing service. It is also compact enough for mobile therapists to use, ensuring the innovative Phd™ Safewax treatment can be offered by both salon based therapists and mobile waxologists.

This thermostatically controlled system requires little maintenance however, we advise businesses to arrange regular Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) to ensure the unit is safe to use. The Phd™ Safewax heater unit is also very easy to clean. We recommend using a small amount of post treatment lotion on a cotton pad to wipe the machine as using harsh chemicals or alcohol based products may strip the glossy exterior of the heater. Due to the use of wax tubes, the heater is easy to keep clean and spills and drips are a rare occurrence.

Do Phd™ Safewax offer marketing support?


With posters, window vinyl and a host of leaflets available, you will be able to easily and effectively advertise your Phd™ Safewax service to your clients. The helpful consumer leaflets will also allow you to inform your clients on the Phd™ Safewax treatment, eliminating any concerns they may have if they are new to waxing or new to the brand itself.

Social media

We also recommend promoting your Phd™ Safewax services via social media, a great way to market and advertise your business for free. You can:

Post offers: Let your clients and their friends know about any special discounts they can make the most of. When adding a new service to your treatment menu, you may wish to offer an introductory price to promote interest.

Competitions: This is a great way to get clients involved and will create interest around your business. Interactivity with your clients is a great way to earn customer loyalty.

Encourage reviews: If a client is happy with their waxing experience, why not ask them to post a review on your business’ social media page? Many clients will research salons and therapists when seeking a new treatment so having positive reviews on your page will make you more attractive and is sure to increase your clientele.

How can I add Phd™ Safewax to my treatment menu?

As well as offering the utmost hygiene, Phd™ Safewax also ensures you can offer waxing treatments with ease and efficiency. Great for both mobile therapists and those based in a salon, this versatile service is sure to be a worthy investment for your business. If you are interested in adding Phd™ Safewax to your treatment menu, the Ellisons Academy Phd™ Safewax course is the perfect opportunity to get to know the method, as well as the products and equipment.

For more information and to view available course dates, venues and costs, please visit the Ellisons Academy webpage.

You can also contact the Ellisons Academy directly on: 024 7636 9516 or email any queries to: [email protected]


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