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The world’s first SPF50 self-tan luxury lotion. As seen on BBC’s Dragons' Den

Tancream blends sunscreen and sunless tanning agents to create an innovative luxury face and body lotion to deliver SPF50 sun protection, a superior self-tan, a hint of natural bronzer and moisturising properties all in one bottle.

This unique patent pending formula is the result of three year’s intensive research by some of the UK’s leading sun care specialists and has been endorsed by leading dermatologists. Tancream is award winning and has won several awards over the past two years including the Beauty Global awards 2018 and the English Women’s award 2018.

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How did the Tancream journey begin?

Co-founder and CEO of Tancream, Gillian Robson’s life changed dramatically six years ago when she found a mole on her leg that had changed. Within a few days she was undergoing surgery for skin cancer and has had many more moles removed since.

Gillian was a busy mum running her own successful beauty business. She was advised to wear high protection sun cream SPF50, 5 star UVA, even in winter. As she liked to have a tan, she used fake tan. Rather than using lots of different products in her daily skin care routine, she searched worldwide for a product that she could use every day which did everything she needed it to do. It soon became apparent that there wasn’t anything available. So, she decided to try and develop her own.

Gillian teamed up with Katy Foxcroft, Co-founder and director of Tancream as well as the UK’s leading sun care specialist’s Dr Jack Ferguson and Jo Warren. The team combined their scientific knowledge and experience and after two years of intensive research, Tancream a unique product combining a high factor sun cream with self-tan was born.

“After three years of research and development, Tancream was created. This product prevents sunburn, helps slow down skin ageing, gives a golden natural looking tan which builds gradually over a few days and because of the special formulation base it does not smell or streak.”
Dr Jack Ferguson BSC PhD
Independent consultant to the cosmetics industry

benefits of tan cream

What are the benefits of Tancream?

Daily defence SPF50 and ultra UVA 5 star high sun protection
Protects your skin against premature ageing and more serious long-term damage. Ultra-protection level UVA 5 stars safeguards against the deep penetrating UVA rays which damage skin and cause premature ageing and wrinkling.

Colour corrector
What makes Tancream unique is the addition of self-tan accelerator agents and instant bronzing tint, which give you an immediate, natural looking and streak free tan. When applied daily it builds up to produce a long-lasting healthy glow.

Gradual self tan and instant bronzer
The unique product forms a film on the skin that creates the protection from the sun and holds the self-tanning and antioxidant ingredients in place with an anti-ageing premium moisturising, smoothing lotion. It evens skin tone and is anti-ageing and anti-oxidant.

It forms a film on the skin that creates the protection from the sun and holds the self-tanning and antioxidant ingredients in place with an anti-ageing premium moisturising, smoothing lotion. It evens skin tone and is anti-ageing and anti-oxidant.

Easy to apply
A light non-streaking, fragrance and odour free self tan which is easily absorbed by the skin. Features a bronzing tint that allows which allows the user to ensure that coverage is complete.

How to use

As well as wearing Tancream in summer it’s recommended to wear daily all year round even in cloudy conditions, so your skin is always protected. Tancream has superior moisturising properties and an instant natural tint, so only one daily application to your skin is needed to give an even tone leaving the appearance of a smooth silky texture.

The gradual self-tan will work after a few hours and builds up to produce a healthy colour. Regular daily use will maintain your tan whilst protecting your skin from damage. The specially designed formula also inhibits the development of a ’self-tan smell’ and is completely odour free.

Apply on face – apply evenly to face and neck with finger tips in circular movements, avoiding the eyes and eyebrows. Tancream will give you an instant glow and coverage of blemishes, age spots and scarring allowing you to be make-up free.

Apply on body – apply evenly, working in circular movements to all exposed areas not forgetting your back and the backs of your legs. The instant warm bronzer will provide a visible guide to ensure coverage is complete and will leave your skin looking and feeling luxuriously smooth.

“Gillian introduced me to Tancream and I really loved the concept of this very effective SPF 50 and the premium feel of the lotion when applied to the skin and felt there was a huge market for it.”
Dr. Hadi Abushaira MBBCh, MMSc, MSc, MRCP, FRCP, MD

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