Carlton Professional glass bead steriliser

Carlton Professional glass bead steriliser E269
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  • Reduces risk of cross infection
  • Total effective sterilisation
  • Operates at a temperature in excess of 300°C
  • Instruments will be sterilised within one minute
  • Indicator light

To reduce the risk of cross infection within your professional beauty salon, the Carlton Professional glass bead sterilizer works reliably to promote safety within your salon. Totally effective sterilisation is now more important than ever with the increasing incidence of Hepatitis B+ and AIDS clients and the inherent risk of cross infection.

This unit operates at a temperature in excess of 300°C which means that forceps or tweezers inserted into the heated glass beads will be sterilised within one minute.The unit has an indicator light to show when sterilising temperature has been reached.

Please note: You should not leave metal instruments in a glass bead steriliser longer than recommended by the manufacturer, as they become damaged, discoloured and very hot.

The Local Government Miscellaneous Provisions Act (1982)
The above act provides that any premises used for eplilation, and all electrolysis must provide proper means of sterilisation of the equipment used. Whilst it is obviously recommended to use disposable needles, a high speed steriliser will be found to be of tremendous benefit as it provised a means of sterilising eplilation forceps, acupuncture needles and other small items, such as manicure tools, instantly in front of your client. This unit has received full government approval and recommendation for use in electrolysis clinics.


  • Height: 130mm 
  • Width: 90mm 
  • Depth: 120mm 
  • Weight: 1kg 
  • Motor 220/240V frequency 50Hz

Replacement beads: E269B

This product will make a great addition to your professional offering! Add this Carlton Professional glass bead sterilizer to your salon or spa today for totally effective sterlisation!

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Additional information

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