CASMARA peel off mask intro offer

CASMARA peel off mask intro offer CASSP
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Exclusive to Ellisons, this variety pack of CASMARA facial masks promote flawless looking skin and guaranteed beautiful results with every application.


  • CASMARA sensitive mask (1) An algae-based mask containing nutrients from violets and oats, it has a similar action to Casmaras congealing masks, with additional nourishment from vegetable extracts, well-known for their beneficial effects on delicate skin.
  • CASMARA green mask (1) Recommended for stressed skins, environmentally damaged skins and those suffering from sun damage, post-operative or post medication tired skins. Contains golden brown algae which are incredibly rich in nutrients. The high levels of chlorophyll and polysaccharides rehydrate the skin, while the mask reacts with the skins proteins to revitalise skin cells.
  • CASMARA green tea mask (1) Recommended for skin suffering from the effects of ageing. Green tea contains molecules that will reduce ageing of the skin cells. Contains more antioxidants than vitamin C, so is excellent when fighting the free radicals which cause skin ageing.
  • CASMARA reaffirming mask (1) Effective when used on unbalanced and oily skins. Effective on open pores and oily skin with breakouts. Contains active vegetable charcoal that has the ability to absorb impurities and excess oils from the pores and surface of the skin.
  • CASMARA vitamin vegetable mask (1) Containing orange and dill which are both rich in Vitamin C, this product allows for effective moisturising of the skin. Working together with the algae this mask is effective on mature skins and skins which suffer from lack of oxygen leading to skin starved of nutrition.
  • CASMARA novanew mask (1) Containing mineral substances and humectants to moisturise the skin, this mask will restore water balance in the skin cells.
  • CASMARA regeneration mask (1) Ideal for use on any age or type of skin, including acne prone and delicate skins. This mask is specially recommended for applications after treatments with exfoliators or peels have taken place.

A high quality product, ideal for professional beauty salon use. Enhance your professional retail offering today!

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