Clippers and trimmers buying guide

As a hair professional there are several factors you should consider before making your purchase. Whether you are salon based or a mobile stylist, we are here to help make your purchase choices easier with our clippers and trimmers buying guide.

What brands are available?

We offer the most recognised, professional brands here at Ellisons with Wahl and BaByliss PRO. These electricals are built with professionals in mind. Wahl’s wide variety of professional hair clippers and trimmers include tools that are perfect for newly qualified barbers and hair stylists, as well as experienced professionals. The Wahl Bellina clipper is mains powered and provides 80 minutes of cutting time when fully charged. With quick release, snap-on blades and six included attachment combs, this clipper is ideal for professional use.

Also, within the Wahl clipper range is the Legend clipper, a heavy duty, corded clipper that includes chrome-plated technology for a smoother cut. This powerful clipper includes 10 premium comb attachments and provides essential durability, as well as high-quality.

Alongside these hair salon clippers, we also offer professional hair trimmers. The BaByliss PRO Forfex Palm Pro trimmer is specifically designed to trim side burns and necklines and provides a stainless-steel blade for ultimate precision and durability.

What are the main differences between clippers and trimmers?

Most hair clipper blades are made from stainless steel or ceramic. Most professionals prefer ceramic as they tend to last longer, so be sure to check the material prior to purchase. How the blades move is also very important and essential for a professional finish. Clipper grades and cutting length are interchangeable meaning you will be able to cater for a variety of your client’s hair styles.

Clippers are widely used for longer hair whereas trimmers are for trimming round the edges and are primarily used for hair on the back of the neck and for precise beard trimming. With their thinner cutting blades, you are able to achieve a shorter-haired look, particularly important if your client likes definition.

Hair trimmers allow you to design, shape and define short hair for a fresh style. Trimmers are an especially useful tool for more technical detailing work.

Corded or cordless?

Clippers and trimmers are available both corded and cordless.

When deciding on a clipper you need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of corded and cordless. Cordless clippers are the obvious choice for mobile hair professionals as they can be transported between appointments with ease. There’ll be no risk of the wires becoming tangled and having to move your appliance around your salon or treatment room. However, you must ensure your clipper is fully charged to be able to run for a whole day's work.

With a mains-powered clipper you won’t have to worry about running out of charge or the battery life of the electrical. However, you may find the cord gets in the way and you will only be able to use it near a suitable socket.

What accessories do you need to invest in?

It’s important you invest in ‘easy to switch out’ accessories – while guide combs need to stay firmly in place, they should also be simple enough to switch out, so you can easily change to a different length option to meet you client’s individual preferences.

You want to ensure your detachable blades glide through your client’s hair effortlessly, so it is important you alter the blades accordingly. The majority of adjustable clippers are remarkably cheaper as you won’t have to invest in additional blades. Be sure to consider these as partner purchases or ensure your hair electrical comes with all of the necessary accessories. The majority of clippers consist of these detachables to regulate or adjust to the length of the hair.

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