Standard hair kits

College kits


Our kits provide everything students need for a great start to their career in hairdressing, with professional-quality products from brands including Cricket® and Hair Tools™, they'll have the right tools to learn hair dressing techniques with confidence.


Level 2 general route hair kit



  • AMA 81 shaper razor, metal handle
  • Hair Tools water spray small 250ml, black
  • Hair Tools tint bowl, black
  • Head Jog 201 cutting comb black
  • Head Jog 202 tail comb black
  • Head Jog 203 pintail comb black
  • Head Jog 204 metal 5 pin comb black
  • Head Jog 206 detangle comb black
  • Hair Tools shoulder cape black PVC
  • Hair Tools tinting apron 5 pockets
  • Hair Tools section clips (6)
  • Hair Tools tint brush standard black
  • Head Jog 26 pin vent brush
  • Head Jog 50 slimline styling brush
  • Hair Tools butterfly clamps, large black (12)
  • Hair Tools cutting collar magnetic fastening
  • Head jog 01 paddle brush, black
  • Headjog 26 pin vent brush
  • Head Jog 50 slimline styling brush
  • Hair Tools butterfly clamps large, black (12)
  • Hair Tools cutting collar magnetic fastening
  • Head jog 01 paddle brush, black
  • Head Jog quad brush set
  • Hair Tools highlighting cap with metal hook
  • Hair Tools training head medium 16-18" 
  • Hair Tools eco neck brush, black
  • Hair Tools training head wheel clamp
  • Hair bag with shoulder strap, black
  • Nitrile gloves medium, purple (20)
  • Hair Tec waved grips, brown 4.5cm (50)
  • Double prong curl clips (36)
  • STR S scissor 5" and STR thinner 5.5"



Professional hair dryer

Code RAN6730

Powerful drying with:

  • 1800 watt AC motor
  • Concentrator nozzle
  • 3 heat settings
  • 2 speed settings
  • 3 metre cable

Waving iron

Code GOR60643


  • A two switch temperature control
  • Comes with a PVC zip bag for easy storage
  • Temperature: 115°C, high 140°C (+/-10%)

Thermo ceramic straightener

Code GOR049


  • Variable temperature control from 100-210°C to suit any hair type
  • Ceramic coated plates lock in moisture

Combs and brushes


Pro-Tip comb and brush wallet



  • Pro-Tip pin tail comb
  • Pro-Tip tail comb
  • Pro-Tip large vent brush
  • Pro-Tip military comb
  • Pro-Tip lifter with metal pins (5)
  • Pro-Tip handle detangler comb
  • Pro-Tip classic ceramic brush
  • Pro-Tip cutting comb

Pro-Tip comb set, blue



  • Pro-Tip rake comb
  • Pro-Tip cutting comb
  • Pro-Tip pin tail comb
  • Pro-Tip plastic tail comb
  • Pro-Tip military cutting comb
  • Pro-Tip metal pin lifter comb
  • Pro-Tip plastic wallet

Cricket Carbon stylist comb pack (4)

Code CR15215


  • C20
  • C25
  • C30
  • C50

Training heads

All training heads are made from 100% human hair which is suitable for:

  • Hot styling with straighteners, curling irons and hairdryers
  • Colouring
  • Permanent waving
  • Cutting with scissors and razors
  • Long hair styling and up dos
  • Reinforced base for perfect vertical fitting

Dimples training head 18"-20"

Code M272


Dimples training head 22"-24"

Code M288


Dimples male training head 

Code M284


Hair Tools training head 16"-18"

Code GOR61356


Hair Tools training head 22"-24"

Code GOR61383


Hair Tools training head man with beard 8"

Code GOR61357


Asymmetrical tunic

Asymmetrical tunic

Sizes available: 6-26

UNIABK... Tunic, black
UNIAGY… Tunic, grey
UNIAPK… Tunic, pink
UNIAPL… Tunic, plum
UNIATL… Tunic,teal
UNIAWT… Tunic, white

One button tunic

One button tunic

Sizes available: 6-26

UNIOBK... Tunic, black
UNIOCB… Tunic, colbalt blue
UNIOPK… Tunic, hot pink
UNIOJD… Tunic, jade
UNIONY… Tunic,navy
UNIOPL… Tunic, plum
UNIORP... Tunic, royal purple
UNIOWH... Tunic, white



Bootleg trousers

Sizes available: 6-26

UNIBL... Trousers, black
UNIBLN… Trousers, navy
Please note, the following colours may have longer lead times.
UNIBLG… Trousers, graphite
UNIBLP… Trousers, plum
UNIBLW… Trousers, white

Slim leg

Slim leg trousers unhemmed

Sizes available: 6-26

UNISLB... Trousers, black
UNISLG… Trousers, graphite
UNISLP… Trousers, plum