Depilex dermatone

Depilex dermatone DP1510
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  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Combined galvanic and high frequency
  • Test facility
  • Direct and indirect high frequency
  • Visible MA display
  • Suitable for facial and body
  • A selection of galvanic electrodes
  • Four high frequency electrodes and electrode storage tray
  • One year Depilex guarantee
  • Deinscrustation for deep cleansing
  • Iontophoresis that penetrates active ions
  • High frequency relaxes nerve endings and stimulate circulation

This lightweight and portable unit combines three facial treatments: desincrustation, iontophoresis and high frequency, which may be used individually or together in an advanced dermatone facial. Suitable for the face and body, Depilex dermatone is a must for every professional beauty salon. One year Depilex guarantee.

Desincrustation - deep cleansing on a negative polarity for dull or congested skin this is a deep cleansing treatment. The word desincrustation literally means the removal of a crust - the cleansing removes the excess sebum and waste products that cover the skin and have become encrusted in the horny layer.

Iontophoresis - this technique is intended to facilitate the cutaneous penetration of active ions from ionisable cosmetic preparations.

High frequency - the effects of high frequency are to stimulate surface circulation and relax the nerve endings. The ozone produced has a germicidal effect which heals and refines the skin. To complement this treatment Depilex recommend the use of Priadara galvanic gels and ampoules, Priadara oxygen cream and Depilex high frequency emulsion.


  • High frequency handle
  • High frequency glass electrode, mushroom
  • High frequency glass electrode, spoon
  • High frequency glass electrode, curved
  • High frequency glass electrode, curved
  • High frequency glass electrode, straight
  • Galvanic handle
  • Galvanic tips: single roller, twin ball, disc, round head and clipper
  • Indifferent electrode with sponge cover
  • Wire set
  • Instructional manual Dimensions:
  • Height: 110mm
  • Width: 360mm
  • Length: 250mm
  • Weight: 3.6kg

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Additional information

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