Esthetix UV LED nail lamp

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Esthetix UV LED nail lamp EST722

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Features and benefits

  • UV and LED light technology 
  • Five timer settings 
  • Automatic motion sensor and cooling system 
  • 50,000 hours LED life 
  • Suitable for hands and feet
  • Acetone-resistant, pearlescent finish 
  • One year warranty


The Esthetix UV LED nail lamp has all the functions you need for your professional gel services. The lamp has an extensive range of features and benefits for ultimate ease during treatments. The lamp may also be bought in pairs, to provide a fast, effective service which will in turn, keep clients happy and maximise profits.



UV and LED light technology

The Esthetix nail lamp produces both UV and LED light which means it’s compatible with all gel polishes and extensions. This allows your clients to choose their favourite gel brand every time, maximising client satisfaction and future appointments.

Five timer settings

The five pre-set timers include three standard timers plus two additional features, to perform all leading gel services. This includes a 60 second boost button for extra curing and a 120 second low heat option designed for gel extensions. This simple, easy to operate UV LED nail lamp will help you perform the perfect nail service.

Automatic motion sensor and cooling system

This high-quality lamp features an automatic motion sensor and fan cooling system to provide treatments more efficiently. The motion sensor allows the nails to receive the correct amount of exposure, helping ensure a perfect service. The cooling system helps to speed up your manicure and pedicure treatments, allowing you to service more clients each day. These key features will allow you to impress and delight your clients with a fast, perfect treatment.

50,000 hours LED life

This affordable lamp is guaranteed to offer 50,000 hours LED light, making it the perfect addition to busy salons and mobile services. This reliable lamp will give you great long-lasting results and the assurance that it will work for all your client treatments every time, without the need to worry about replacing bulbs.

Two part design with large opening

With its removable base and wide aperture, the Esthetix UV LED nail lamp works effectively for both hand and feet services. The removable panel also allows for easy cleaning to maintain hygiene and prevent the buildup of polish residue in the lamp which can cause loss of light performance.

Acetone-resistant, pearlescent finish

The Esthetix UV LED nail lamp has an appealing curve shaped cover with an acetone-resistant pearlescent finish making it easy to clean between treatments.


203mm x 203mm x 76mm



Customer reviews (7)

I put this lamp to the test by comparing it in use, like for like with our current product house lamp. I have to say, this lamp literally shone in comparison! The pearlescent finish is subtle but impactful. In regards to functionality, it can hold its own against the big names and the team of therapists all thought so too. I was surprised at the low cost of the lamp considering all of the features. The dome shape and indents for a five finger cure was particulary liked by the team of therapists. The fan cooling system was my favourite feature as I have sensitive nail beds and found this soothing during the cure time.

I would highly recommend this lamp to other users and had no issues with the length of time the gel stayed on.

Gemma Postlethwaite, Spa Assistant Manager at Ribby Hall Village
17 December 2018

We thought the Esthetix UV/LED lamp was fantastic! The lamp is very sleek, modern and it doesn't take up too much space on the manicure station which is an added bonus. We loved the fact it had a 10 second timer as when teaching students hard gel it’s great to flash freeze the product whilst getting their speed and technique up when building an apex therefore the 10 second timer is amazing.. Also certain brands only need gel polish base coat cured for 10 seconds so it works well with that too. We tried the lamp using 2 different gel polish brands – Gelish and CND Shellac and the results were great. The only part we didn’t like was the large plug and small cable but for a manicure station it works perfectly, for mobile therapist not so much unless they carry an extension about with them however that is the only negative comment. There are far more pro’s than con’s. Overall we really liked the Esthetix LED/UV lamp and would recommend to others especially at the price – brilliant value for money!

Claire Patterson, Platinum salon - West-Lothian college
29 November 2018

Great little lamp. Doesn’t take up too much space on the desk. Easy to operate. Helpful finger rest and thumb indents to ensure nails cure fully.

Belle, Salon owner at BlewBelle hair and nails
21 November 2018

It’s a great lightweight lamp. Easy to move about for fingers and toes. Great value for money. Would definitely recommend.

Jill, Beauty therapist at Karma
21 November 2018

The design is great, it’s really sleek and professional looking – it has a good weight to it too, so it doesn’t feel flimsy. Most lamp choices are actually quite limited, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with five different timing choices or a low heat option. The best factor for me was probably that it’s acetone resistant. I’ve had lamps before where I’ve used them only a few times before they’ve been marked. And when you want to give your clients a quality treatment this is the last thing you want. In summary I really loved it – it’s definitely the best I’ve used.

Jen McColl, Nail technician
20 November 2018

I am loving the new lamp! The look is so stylish and professional - the pearlised white is to die for! It’s really handy that it works on a sensor and the boost option is great - Highly recommend this product especially at the introduction price!

Rosie Lawlor, Beautician
20 November 2018

I love the versatility of this lamp, I use a couple of different gel brands and it’s great that you can use it for everything, the 60 second boost was particularly handy. Our clients commented how nice it looks and that it doesn't get too hot having the integrated fan. It's really easy to use with the touch timer settings and the automatic motion sensor allowing us get on and paint nails. The removable base and large open front makes it really easy for less agile clients to use. Overall the lamp is fantastic value for money especially with its guaranteed bulb life, I can highly recommend it.

Cara Hubbard, Owner/therapist at Utopia
18 November 2018

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