Living Earth Crafts salon furniture

Luxurious brand Living Earth Crafts offer a selection of elegant furniture products, from treatment and massage tables to spa trolleys and seating. With some of the world’s most exclusive spas and resorts choosing Living Earth Crafts as their favoured brand, there’s no doubt that their exquisite product range will enhance the quality of your professional treatments.


A great addition to any spa, the Nuage vector treatment table incorporates the most advanced healing and relaxation technology to provide a unique spa experience for clients. Featuring a high-quality Total Immersion Experience System, as well as an embedded table warmer and Strata memory foam cushioning, this fabulous treatment table is sure to wow clients during services such as massage and other full body treatments.


The ZG dream lounger from Living Earth Crafts is also a great addition to your supplies and features zero gravity positioning for ultimate relaxation during your client’s spa visit. This hand-crafted lounger includes quality cushioned upholstery and is ideal for a host of treatments such as facials, scalp treatments, manicures and pedicures.


Explore our selection of Living Earth Crafts supplies today and make the most of a variety of superior quality products that will instantly enhance your treatment offering, as well as your spa décor.