Haito straightener purple 25mm 1"

Haito straightener purple 25mm 1" GOR61278

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Haito straightener purple 25mm (1").

The advanced technology of the Haito styling iron
enhances and improves the condition of your hair
by sealing in natural moisture and eliminating

Features the most technologically advanced PTFC
ceramic heater, producing far-infrared heat, which
enables the hair shaft to be straightened from the
cortex outwards, sealing the hair flat.

Automatic temperature control system feature,
variable temperature 60 to 232°C and a super-
fast heat-up time of less than 15 seconds.

Ceramic tourmaline-coated plates a naturally
increases moisture within the hair by forcing
water molecules into the hair shaft, the cuticle
then closes, preserving the moisture, and ensuring
that the style is locked into place.

Bevelled paltes to allow you to create incredible
curls as well as sleek shiny straight hair.

Additional information

Additional information

Type Irons
Brand Haito
Colour Purple
Size No