Head Jog R2 barber comb

Head Jog R2 barber comb GOR61236
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Head Jog R2 barber comb.

Made from ebonite a mixture of hard rubber and
synthetic rubber, this compound increases the
durability and strength of the comb.

Combs made from 100% hard rubber tend to be
fragile and can break when dropped a few times,
whereas Head Jog R combs are much more robust.

Production information.
The compound is placed into the mould and
compressed for a fixed period of time.

It is vulcanized (heat and steam), then profiles
of the comb are ready and the teeth are cut
individually by hand.

After the cutting operation the teeth are polished
so that they are rounded.

Head Jog R combs have smooth rounded teeth which
massage the scalp and keeps the hair cuticles
smooth, making hair stronger and healthy.

Ordinary combs have razor sharp teeth, and the
rough edges between the teeth act as razors,
damaging the hair cuticle making the scales rough
and can therefore cause split ends).

Additional information

Additional information

Type Combs
Brand Head Jog
Colour Black
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