Microlance (10)

Microlance (10) AB560A
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Pre-sterilised microlance needles are pre-sterilised individual packs that offer you perfect hygiene conditions as the microlance is opened in front of the client and disposed of after each client into a sharps box.

Microlance can be used to:

  • Release an ingrown hair that is trapped below the surface layer of the epidermis - used correctly, the skin will not be traumatised and bleeding should not occur
  • To scrape residue of dead skin cells off the skin after skin tags have been removed using advanced electrolysis
  • To release dead skin cells and sebum (oils) that can accumulate in a blind pore often causing milia

Single-use pre-sterilised 26 gauge in strips of 10.

Please note: Microlances are only to be used on the surface of the epidermis and are not to be inserted into the skin at anytime.

Ellisons cannot be held responsible for therapists individual treatments involving the use of microlances.


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Additional information

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