Mylash lift kit

Mylash lift kit LL018
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Available to pre-order. This item is due in stock on 22 February 2019

Designed to create the illusion of longer lashes without the need for extensions, Mylash lift is an innovative treatment that will provide clients with gorgeously volumised lashes that can last for up to six weeks. The comprehensive Mylash lift salon starter kit includes everything you need to start offering this popular treatment within your salon. Cost per treatment from £8.40.


  • MYEL011 My Beautiful Eyes make-up remover 50ml 
  • MYEL006 My Beautiful Eyes under eye patches (5 pairs) 
  • LL007 Mylash lift silicone pads, small 
  • LL008 Mylash lift silicone pads, medium  
  • LL009 Mylash lift silicone pads, large  
  • LL004 Mylash lift stage 1, lifting solution 
  • LL005 Mylash lift stage 2, setting solution 
  • LL006 Mylash lift stage 3, nourishing solution 
  • LL012 Mylash lift bonder 5ml 
  • LL017 Mylash lift tool 
  • GLEL011 Mylash glue rings (3) 
  • TINT011 Mybrows tint oxidant developer 100ml
  • AP5553 Apraise eyelash/eyebrow tint 20ml, no.2 blue/black 
  • MYEL012 My Beautiful Eyes primer 30ml 
  • MYEL015 My Beautiful Eyes micro brushes (100) 
  • LL001 Mylash lift cool bag 
  • NT10 Dappen dish
  • TINT009 My Beautiful Eyes tint brush 
  • MYBR014 My Beautiful Eyes scissors 
  • MYEL024 My Beautiful Eyes micropore tape 3m 
  • MBE014 My Beautiful Eyes lash and brow conditioner 6ml 
  • GLEL433 Mylash record card (50)
  • MBE104 My Beautiful Eyes aftercare leaflet (10)
  • MBE101 My Beautiful Eyes poster A3

Add Mylash Lift to your treatment menu today with the Mylash Lift course, available at the Ellisons Academy. Click here for more information.

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Additional information

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